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A Project On Internet Explorer Internet

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A Project On Internet Explorer Internet In 1969 the department of Defense (DoD) of United States of America started a network called ARPAnet (Advanced Research Projects Administration network). It began in a modest way with one computer in California and three in Utah. Later, to share the software and hardware resources, the military allowed universities to join the network, from where the students caught up with it and developed much of the software, giving birth to the now so very popular Internet. This is an ocean of information accessible to people across the world, but the way it can be used on various platforms is different. It is a network, a communication medium, a market & also a transaction platform. Browser Among the basic needs for using the Internet, like a Server, a Modem, etc. ...read more.


Some helpful features of IE are as follows: - * When you start typing a frequently used Web address in the Address bar, a list of similar addresses appears that you can choose from. And if a Web-page address is wrong, Internet Explorer can search for similar addresses to try to find a match. * Search for Web sites by clicking the Search button on the toolbar. Then in the Search bar, type a word or phrase that describes what you're looking for. When your search results appear, you can view the individual Web pages without losing your list of search results. * You can also search directly from the Address bar. Just type common names or words, and Internet Explorer can automatically take you to the site that most likely matches what you are searching for, and list other likely sites as well. ...read more.


* Add other frequently visited Web pages to your Favorites list for easy access. Organize your favorite items by using folders, and sort them in the order you want them. * Choose from your favorite search providers and keep them handy for all your searches. * Take your favorite Web pages with you: to another computer or browser, or to share with your friends. You can even import bookmarks from Netscape Navigator. * If your Web browsing takes you to sites written in numerous languages, Internet Explorer can update your computer with the character sets you need to view these sites correctly. Many of these features and are in many other browsers, but IE's speed makes it one of the best. One more feature, which is not seen in other browsers, is the need to write www. & .Com which automatically appears when Ctrl + Enter is pressed. Well this product by Microsoft is really a success. Thank You 1 of 7 pages ...read more.

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