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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 6156

A report on how ICT affects me as an individual, and other members of my family. Also, I will extend my report by giving a clear explanation that includes society in general, i.e. people and situations outside my normal experience

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Explain the impact of the availability of electronic information on individuals and on society Task B Introduction In this task I am to write a report on how ICT affects me as an individual, and other members of my family. Also, I will extend my report by giving a clear explanation that includes society in general, i.e. people and situations outside my normal experience. To conclude, I will explain in detail how organisations communicate with individuals and society and how this affects those who do not have access to ICT. USES OF ICT AT HOME Personal Computers I use a personal computer to do my school work such as ICT. Word processing packages are the ones that I use most commonly, with these I can save edit and change text, and print of a document more than once .If I did not have a computer to write out a piece of coursework, which needed writing twice I would have to write this piece out twice which is very time-consuming; with a computer I can type this piece out once, then click print twice. Also if I make an error in my writing, be it spelling, grammar or any other mistake I can edit the text. Another useful function of a word processing package is the fact that it will highlight grammatical and spelling errors for you so your work will become more accurate. This function is very useful but it does not spot homophone or apostrophe errors. Other useful functions included in the latest editions of Microsoft word are the synonym function. If you write click a word and go down to synonym, it will give you a selection of words with a similar or the same meaning. Word processors also provide a function for a border, different layouts, colours, tables and other many useful functions. If my work was entirely hand-written I would have to cross any errors out and write a correction above. ...read more.


The radio is listened to in the car whilst on a journey. The photocopier is 3 in 1 with the printer and members of my family use it to photocopy documents. Uses of ICT by Adults in Employment and Businesses. ICT technologies used at businesses are things like - " fax machines " computers " e-mail " the internet/intranet " telephones " mobile phones " electronic organisers and pagers " photocopiers Fax machines are very popular in businesses. They are used to send and receive business documents, data sheets, letter, information, and contracts etc. Advantages are that is it fast and effective. It can store a large amount of names and address ad has a large memory. It can copy out documents and images easily. They come with a variety of feature like scanner, copying system and cordless telephone. Disadvantages are that they can be very expensive and also when used in business with frequent use they can easily run out paper and ink within a sort time and messages may not be received. Computers in businesses are used to process and print out documents. They may be used to create professional brochures, flyers and other documents as well as for typing up reports and creating questionnaires. They can also be used to store data such as names and addresses of people in a database. The advantages of using computers in a business are that everything is produced and printed out neatly and professionally. Corrections can be made without any trace of alteration and data can easily be made into graphs and charts. Disadvantages are that some of the programs may be down and which if go down on one will go down on all as the computers are linked. Some programs may not be working because of faults. A power cut can occur and you could lose unsaved information and it could cause problems with the computer, but regular saving can help to reduce and prevent this. ...read more.


People ensuring that they only enter bank details onto a secure site, which shows the padlock symbol on the address toolbar, can prevent this. Also the people that set up the website should use encryption to prevent any unauthorised access to the details when they are being passed through the Internet. Viruses can also be passed through the Internet; this is usually in the form of an attachment on an email. Viruses can do serious damage to computers; they can delete information or prevent software from functioning. In order to prevent viruses for being downloaded onto computers, people should only open attachments from people that they know and trust. Though if you do this virus's can still get through, so regular virus checks are necessary in order to find them and delete them from your computer. Overall ICT has had a positive impact on the environment and the way we live. New technology is always appearing helping to make our lives easier and safer. If I were to write this report again in 10 years time there would be many more technological advances to discuss and the chances are some of them would be even more controversial. ICT is something that we have to live with, we can't get away from it, so the chance should be taken to make the most of the opportunity and enjoy being part of an ever-changing revolution. Final evaluation of ICT for home and school uses: Without ICT in the home or at school, life would be made a lot harder. It has now become essential in everyone's lives, if ICT was eradicated from life, then the world would be in total chaos. ICT has become invaluable in modern day life. Without ICT in the home, the only heat would come from a coal fire, with it electric. Without ICT my life in school and at home would be unimaginably different. Sources of information www.greenpeace.org www.google.com www.ask.co.uk www.bbc.co.uk ?? ?? ?? ?? Asma Jafar Centre number 20444 12 LSE March 2006 1 Unit 3: ICT Solutions for Individuals and Society GCE in Applied ICT ...read more.

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