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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 572

a spreadsheet for a school trip

Extracts from this document...


User Documentation I have created a spreadsheet for the school residential trip to Paris. I have written simple instructions on how to use the spreadsheet. The instructions consist of many images from the spreadsheet, which makes it more understandable. To access the spreadsheet, click on My Documents on the desktop. The School Residential Trip spreadsheet is very easy to use. There are five worksheets within the spreadsheet - a main page, pupil data page, medical page, payments page and a graphs page. You will see blue buttons on every worksheet. These blue buttons are macro buttons. A macro button consists of a series of instructions that are grouped together as a single command to a carry out a task automatically. ...read more.


An error message will appear if you try to do so. You may only edit a pupils' details by clicking on the Edit Pupil Data button (see below). The worksheet contains information on all pupils attending the trip. Information such as the name of the pupil, tutor group, date of birth, address and telephone number are included. When you click on a Print button, you will be taken to a Print Preview of the page you are currently on, which will look something like the one below. This is what the page will look like when it has been printed. This is what the Edit Pupil Data form (as mentioned before) will look like. ...read more.


These include the Main Menu button, Print button, Medical button, Sort By Surname and Sort By TG button. The only cells you will be typing in are coloured light turquoise. Every other cell is protected so you are unable to edit or delete any information. Here is an example of a completed payments table. Notice that payments are not paid in every week. Payments do not have to be paid in every week, just as long as by the end of the seven weeks, the pupil must have the full amount of �49. This is the Graphs worksheet. You can only use the buttons on this sheet. By now, you should be familiar with the Main Menu button, and the Payments button. ?? ?? ?? ?? Joanne Lee User Documentation Page 2 of 15 User Documentation Page 15 of 15 ...read more.

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