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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2794

A01 Hardware & Software

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A01 - Choosing and Describing Applications and Hardware Hardware and Software ? Hardware is any piece of computer equipment which can be physically touched. All hardware can then be split into four major categories: o Input o Output o Processor o Storage ? Some examples of hardware are: o Mouse - Input device o Keyboard - Input device o Monitor - Output device o Tower - Processing/Storage device o Printer - Output device o Scanner - Input Device ? Software is a coded program which can only be used while the computer is running. It is a non-physical thing which cannot be physically touched. Without the software, a computer would be useless. ? Some examples of software are: o Microsoft Word o Microsoft Excel o Pain Shop Pro o Microsoft Access o PhotoFiltre HARDWARE: 2. Input Devices The types of input devices available to me were: Input devices Advantages Disadvantages Keyboard - Allows the entry of number, letters and punctuation by the user pressing keys corresponding to each symbol. o A wide range of different symbols can be produced o It is quick and easy to do it you can touch-type o It is simple to learn how to use one o Speciallist keyboards can allow more detailed and comfortable typing o Most computers have one attached as default o Inputting data can be a very tedious process, especially if the user is not a touch-typer o Errors can easily be made by accident by the user's hand/fingers slipping o It cannot be used to easily access menus and change settings of the software Mouse - A standard pointing device which allows the cursor to move by moving the physical object. ...read more.


copy, if items are not saved they will be lost when the computer is switched off o The screens are normally made of glass so they can be fragile and reflect a lot of light which can make the screen hard to read o They are not suitable for users with visual problems o The screen is only a certain size, which limits the amount of information that is able to be shown at one time Laser Printer - Their function is to put ink onto paper, so that a hardcopy of the document can be produced. It works by fusing powdered ink onto paper. o They can produce a very large quantity of prints in a very short amount of time e.g. 10 - 20 ppm sot hey are very efficient o The quality of the printouts are very good, with a high resolution e.g. 600 - 1200 dpi o The device is almost silent when running and when printing, which is good because it means it doesn't disrupt work o Even though the toner cartridges are expensive, they last a very long time which means the running costs are relatively low o The printers nearly always have a high start-up cost, especially the colour ones o The hardware used is very complex and they are hard to repair if they break, which can be costly o They are very bulky and take up a lot of space which means not everyone would be able to have them o Only certain sizes of paper can be used in them, which can cause problems Inkjet Printer - Its function is to put ink onto paper, so that a hardcopy of the document can be produced. ...read more.


not have very good graphic settings, so normally another program had to be used to manipulate pictures etc * Illiterate users may find it hard to use * It is easy to make mistakes when producing presentations PhotoFiltre - This is a complex graphics package, which is used to make and manipulate pictures, and is often used to create logos etc. I used this program to produce my logo for the Health Centre. * The controls on the program are very easy to use * Pictures can be manipulated easily, as to improve the effect of the graphic * This is not a default program of the Microsoft package, so an extra charge is incurred for the user to purchase it * Many users are not familiar with the program, so they may have to learn to use it or they may turn to an easier program 8. Alternative solutions. Software Advantages Disadvantages Suitability for my problem PaintShopPro - This is another graphics program and could be used instead of PhotoFiltre. It could be used to create my logo. * This program is more well known than PhotoFiltre, so more people would be able to use it * There is more advanced versions available which allow more complex manipulation to take place * This is more expensive than PhotoFiltre, and can often cost hundreds of pounds * It is hard to use unless you have been trained in using it This would be very suitable for my problem as it does the same job, just in a more efficient and quick way- because the controls are a lot more complex. But this program was not available in school. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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