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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Document length: 8766 words

A2 ICT, Task 3 - St. Anthony’s Hospital

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Charles Sonnex A2 ICT, Task 3 St. Anthony's Hospital Introduction The application that I have decided to report on is the system at St. Anthony's Private Hospital. . St. Anthony's is situated on the A24, London Road, North Cheam, Surrey and is well served by road and public transport services. Close to the A3 and the M25, it is easily accessible and convenient for both Heathrow and Gatwick airports. The parking facilities at St. Anthony's are good with ample spaces. The hospital can arrange for an ambulance service should it be needed. St. Anthony's is a private catholic hospital, which provides private health care for over 200 patients. The company has a huge plot of land, where many buildings stand, including offices, wards, an incinerator, conference centre, restaurant and others such as theatres, x ray rooms and treatment centres. Within the main building, a pharmacy, gift shop and a morgue are also present. There are a number of departments within the organisation. Many perform few tasks using ICT therefore I will look only at the two main departments, which have the greatest use of the computer system at St. Anthony's. These being the Hotel Services Department and the Finance Department. Both have very different roles within the organisation. The role and function of the hotel services department are as follows: * To provide, safe, hygienic, high quality catering facilities throughout the hospital including the visitors restaurant, conference centre and to patients staying at the hospital. * To host the conference centre and provide facilities within it for outside companies. * To ensure housekeeping of patient rooms and of the whole hospital grounds. Computers here are used for the ordering of produce and equipment, for standard word processing and database/spreadsheet creation. The role of the finance department is as follows: * Booking * Patient Administration * Patient Accounting * Outpatients * Payable/receivable accounts * Stock control * Budgeting * Prepare all monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements as required by the hospital chairman * ...read more.


Free movement of data is particularly important for all services with a large customer base and depending on processing personal data, such as distance selling and financial services. In practice, banks and insurance companies process large quantities of personal data on such highly sensitive issues as credit ratings and credit-worthiness. If each Member State had its own set of rules on data protection, for example on how data subjects could verify the information held on them, cross-border provision of services, notably over the information superhighways, would be virtually impossible and this extremely valuable new market opportunity would be lost. The Directive aims to narrow divergences between national data protection laws to the extent necessary to remove obstacles to the free movement of personal data within the EU. As a result, any person whose data are processed in the Community will be afforded an equivalent level of protection of his rights, in particular his right to privacy, irrespective of the Member State where the processing is carried out. St. Anthony's therefore has as an additional legal obligation to ensure that data is treated appropriately. It is the job of the departmental management to ensure that data is securely transferred, but in retrospect, all the staff have already been highly trained therefore no recommendations have to be put forward since the hospitals policy ensure that data is treated accordantly. The legislation affects the users of the ICT network in a number of ways. Notably it increases the workload of the user and takes up time, but this is more than counterbalanced by the social and legal implications of data security. Data protection at St Anthony's has become expected so users are obliged to follow the law. The Security password system on the network also ensures that confidential information is seen only be those it is concerned to. Therefore members of the Hotel Services Department will not be able to access the files of the Finance department and vise versa. ...read more.


Limited improvement recommendations therefore exist for me to comment on. But I will however suggest that training procedures for the company be improved so that the users are trained how to use the MEDAX2000 and any other future replacement to its most effective means. I agree with the system administrator that the MEDAX2000 software should be replaced soon but restrains of funding prohibit future improvement of the software library available on the system. In my view more client connections to the Internet could make applications quicker and cheaper to send and could in the long run create better business opportunities for the hospital for example if an internet connection was set up in the office of the hotel services department, then cheaper suppliers could be found and ideas developed for certain restaurant menus etc. The system administrator informs me that this proposal has yet to be decided on but is looking likely to be implemented. Doing this however would bring up the question of Internet monitoring, data security and safety. My only real remaining concern is that of the shared printers - whereby a printed confidential document may be left unattended for minutes posing a security/privacy risk. This matter as discussed earlier is yet to be added and is unlikely to do so. Legal bureaucracy has added to the system users workload, but it has ensured that data is kept secure and available only to whom it concerns upon request. I believe I have identified a relationship between a comfortable working environment and high staff moral and on the contrary a relationship between lack of training and increased errors and thus lower staff moral. Hospital Policy has proved effective in ensuring data security and the hardware on the network has created a stable, adaptable, safe and secure platform for data storage and access. In all, the system at St. Anthony's has proved legally compliant and socially friendly and has affected users in a number of good and bad points but overall the Pro's outweigh the Cons. ?? ?? ?? ?? Charles Sonnex Page 3 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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