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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3424

Adults & ICT

Extracts from this document...


Bob McMillan. Background Details: Where my working adult works and what he does: GE Healthcare-Engineering Manager. What about at home? Cricket coach for local club junior side. Fishing. List of Adults Uses of ICT. The following is a list of all the things that my adult uses for Ict in and around the house and at work for personal, social and professional use. * Internet and internet technologies -Broadband, Modem, E-mail, WWW. * Communication- Mobile phone, MMS, vehicle tracking devices. * Entertainment- Digital TV, Sky. * Mobile- Laptop and PDA. * Data Capture- digital Camera, voice recorder, scanner, video capture, CCTV System. * Access- Touch screen and keyboard. * PC Technology- Hardware and software. * Storage media- DVD, CD-RW, USB memory stick. * Financial Transactions-ATM. * Reprographics-photocopier. Broadband, modem, e-mail, WWW. Mobile phone. MMS. Digital TV, SKY. Central heating system. Laptop, PDA. Digital Camera, scanner, video capture. Keyboard. Hardware and software. DVD, CD-RW. Photocopier. E-mail. Mobile phone, MMS. Digital TV, SKY. Laptop, PDA. Digital Camera, scanner, video capture. Keyboard. Hardware and software. DVD, CD-RW. Photocopier. Professional. Broadband, Modem, E-mail, WWW. Mobile phone, CCTV capture. Vehicle Tracking Device Keyboard. Software, hardware. E-mail, WWW. Mobile phone. Digital camera. Keyboard. Software, hardware. Photocopier. USB Memory stick. The first technology that I am going to cover is as photocopier. He choose this category for personal/professional because it reflects the thing that he has to use most professionally at work. This is because he is always receiving and sending important documents and he has to keep a separate copy in a folder so if they were to get lost it would not matter and this way he has backup and proof. A photocopier is a machine that can be used to make copies of important documents and information also it can be used to make mass copies of documents that needed to be handed out. An example of this would be if you had received a letter of congratulations for the company you worked for and wanted to ...read more.


One advantage is that E-mail, unlike postal or "snail mail" can be delivered at any time meaning that you can send it at whatever is a convenient time for you saving you time because you do not have to take a visit to the post box/office. Another advantage is that incoming mail can be immediately printed, saved to disk, replied to, forwarded or deleted meaning that you can carry in what ever is the easiest form for you to carry, also it gives you a variety of options so that if it needs to be delivered to someone else you can send it in the easiest form possible. An E-mail message can be delivered at any time, without long distance charges this is an advantage because it saves you time and money. One disadvantage is that it is difficult to know when it has not been sent this is a disadvantage because if it contains important information about a meeting time you do not know when the other end will receive it or whether they will receive it at all meaning that they might miss the meeting. Another disadvantage is that it is not secure meaning that you might pick up viruses that could make your computer crash. Another disadvantage is that you actually need a computer and the internet to send an e-mail which can be very costly. This technology meets his need adequately because it does all the stuff he needs it to but it could be done more efficiently and quicker. To do the job he would need to buy a better computer costing thousands of pounds and he would also need to get a broadband connection making sending e-mails quicker. Why does he use E-mail? He uses this ICT because it enables him to send a letter or document at anytime he wants and it is free of charge. When does he use E-mail? ...read more.


ICT is better to use at work because it will make employees jobs and his job easier therefore saving them time and meaning that they are less stressed so there is less potential health risk. ICT is also better to use than other method because it is more efficient and there is less chance of you making a mistake. Ict is better to use at home than other methods because it can make things more pleasurable meaning that you will have more fun using ICT. Again using ICT at home will also save you time allowing you to participate in other more enjoyable different past-times. How has ICT caused my adults work and their workplace to change since my adult has worked there? It has changed by the fact that things get done a lot quicker but the main thing that has changed since my adult has worked there is the fact that all of the management systems are now only done using ICT for example health and safety issues are only on a computer accessible to everyone. How has my adult coped/adapted to those changes? He has adapted by the fact that he has had to learn to use a computer also he has had to take a course in ICT and ICT management systems. He has coped because not all of the improvements in ICT came in at one point they took place over several years. If the company had not adapted to the changes in ICT they would have gone under. How well does ICT enable my adult to do their job? ICT enables my adult to do their job more efficiently, time saving and cost saving then would other wise be impossible with out ICT. ICT enables my adult to do their job to the highest standard possible due to ICT and the already mentioned. How does ICT help my adult to cope with the changes to their work styles? ICT helps my adult to cope with the changes to their work style because it has made work simpler and easier to complete by using ICT. ...read more.

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