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Advantages and disadvantages of Home-working.

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Increasing Home-working Most of organizations use ICT for their work. Using ICT has increase the pace of organizations by a huge factor as well as helping in many other ways. However, everything has its disadvantages as well as advantages; the disadvantages of using ICT is developing some physical diseases, increased chances of fraud through ICT, etc. Day by day, new technologies are exploited and new ways of using ICT is introduced to people. One of the changes that can be brought to an editing company is to increase the amount of home-working. Increasing home-working will have many positive effects on the organization as well as some bad. If home-working is increased, the staff will have an opportunity of preparing their ergonomics just the way they want it to be. ...read more.


If someone broke up into the company, they won't be able to find that information, because it is not stored in the company's ICT. If home-working is increased, the staff member will be able to do his/her work whenever, wherever he/she wants; this won't give them a hard time trying to show up in the office on time. It will also help reduce transport. The members can do the work from home and will not need to go to their office. The reduction in transport is proven helpful for the environment. The disadvantages of increasing home-working are that the worker should be a responsible person. Many people will not do something unless they are forced to. ...read more.


Keeping to the deadlines is very important. If given a task to complete by a certain date, it will be the responsibility of the employee to manage their time and have the task done by the deadline. However there is no guarantee that something won't go wrong. Maybe for example, losing all the data due to some technical or software error in the computer. There might even be some kind of a physical damage to the machinery which will delay the task. But being away from the employer's sight, it might be difficult to prove that such an incident had really take place. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rohilla Maarij Unit 5 D1 32339 (D1) Suggest three changes that could be made in the way that a particular organisation uses ICT and for each change, identify the benefits and any possible disadvantages. ...read more.

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