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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using ICT

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Advantages and disadvantages of using I.T. When doing drafts for your coursework using I.T. you can amend errors without having to rewrite the whole piece of that essay again, saving you time to do other work. While in the other hand if you were doing all your coursework by hand you will get tired writing out whole essays to correct just a few mistakes. You won't need storage space to file your work as it will all be saved on the computers hard drive, which will save you money as there is no need to purchase expensive filing cabinets. If you do use I.T. there is a possibility of your computer crashing leaving you with no coursework, leaving you to type it all up again. ...read more.


With the use of the Internet vast amounts of data can be sent over the Internet to either a colleague, business partner, manager or even a relative, the possibilities of communication through the Internet is amazing but there are many disadvantages when using the Internet regularly, these are as follows; your phone bills can soar up to high prices if you have a dial -up connection otherwise if you have a broadband there will be one monthly fixed payment saving you money. If you regularly use the Internet your social skills can become very weak and could lead to no friends and you going into depression. Although the Internet is a place to communicate, it is a learning resource and you can purchase goods from the Internet. ...read more.


You may not know where to insert a cable or you may nit know how to install an operating system or a program onto your computer, leaving you with a vast amount of time lost and time taking to be computer literate. If a cable is not connected properly or if there is a power cut the computer system could fail, files will become corrupt and data will be lost. So you save your work on a regular basis, so that can also be lost by unauthorised users accessing your computer and deleting data. I used a Kensington lock on my computer, the way it works is that one end is securely attached to my laptop and the other end is tied around a heavy object so someone can't even run away with it, I also secured all of my files with a password ?? ?? ?? ?? Communications Project 1a Ahmed Hanslot Page 1 of 1 ...read more.

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