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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using IT

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using IT Using a computer to produce my work is better and easier then any alternative method i.e. producing it on paper as it saves time and you can edit the work and also be more creative. Theses are some of the advantages and disadvantages of producing my work on a computer. Advantages: * Takes less space and effort. * Files can easily be copied or edited if there is an error. * The file can be backed up in case the main copy gets corrupted are deleted. * Can be more creative on computer programs then on paper. * A computer can aid you better in making the best outcome for anything you want to do. * Can't as easily lose data as if it was paper. Disadvantages: * Cannot access computers all the time. * There can still be human errors. ...read more.


A virus can simply corrupt or delete data on a computer and use tat computer to spread to others. Viruses can be caught easily by inserting a removable peripheral containing a virus, downloading off the internet or opening unknown email attachments. Removing viruses isn't an easy thing. Most of the times, you may have to format your hard drive, which means losing all your data if you haven't back up your files. To protect your computer from future attacks of viruses (especially public computers) you have to take the right precautions. Using Anti- spy ware/virus software and running regular checks on your computer is essential. It will also inform the user of the types of files being downloaded and software that has requested access to the internet. You will have more control of your computer system and be re-assured your computer is less vulnerable to hackers or viruses. ...read more.


To help reduce eye strain, good background lighting is important and this is a minimum requirement for employees in a workstation. As well as many health and safety issues at a computer station, there are also issues in the environment surrounding the worker. Around the classroom, there should be nothing blocking students or teachers walking around the classroom i.e. no bags or coats on the floor. Also, there should be no wires or cabling exposed or in the way of where people would walk. No food or drink should be allowed in the computer room or near the equipment for health and safety reasons. The classroom is on the first floor, but still has the blind on the windows down at all times to avoid people on the outside being able to see what's inside and therefore attempt to steal. These are the health and safety issues that I came across whilst doing this project. By following rules and using equipment properly, I minimized any cause of accidents at my workstation and in the classroom. ?? ?? ?? ?? Project 1a 1 ...read more.

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