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Aids and Barriers to Communication

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Aids and Barriers to Communication Every time a type of document will have reasons why it is good and bad for being used. Theses can be aids and barriers, and now I am going to show how effective these can and when they will be used. Business Letter The purpose of a business letter is used when writing from one business organization to another or for correspondence between such organizations and their customers, clients and other external parties. It is always written in a formal language, for example, this is done depending on the relationship between the parties concerned and the more formal a letter can be in business usually means they are in need of something quickly, this can be an aid towards a successful communication because strong business contacts can help a business go a long way because you are building theses when you do this. The medium of a standard letter is usually done on a word document and then send to someone via the post or email or even fax, for example a business might feel a letter through the post would be more formal so they might think this is a way to build successful communication. ...read more.


It is always written in an informal language, for example this is done depending on the relationship between the co-workers, and they would usually use the IM software to ask an another worker that the need something or need to ask something. This can be an aid towards a successful communication because by this you are making work more efficient and more work can be done because worker is then not wasting time going to find someone to ask them something. The medium of IM is usually done electronically on a computer. Being able to use video chat because it would be like a video conference, and it would save you a lot of money this way, for example, having a business meeting from two different locations. This can be a barrier because a lack of access could lead to a bad Internet connection making the video chat unreliable making it dependence on technology. It's a private way of communicating through business so important information can't be lost, for example in a business everyone has a username and password to access the own workspace so ...read more.


The format of a presentation is done in pages. For example a presentation page should not contain a lot of writing because a presentation can be made boring from this so by keeping as much little information on a page makes it more understandable and this making than aid towards a successful communication because it is making the speed of delivery very fast. Video Conferencing The purpose of video conferencing is when two or more people at different locations can see and hear each other at the same time, sometimes even sharing computer applications for collaboration. For example when a business needs to speak to a business contact a long distance away, and they want to see the person as well. This can be an aid to successful communication because facial expressions can tell an important story rather than just listening to their voice. By this the medium of video conferencing is electronically done verbally and can be done written depending on the software used. This can be an aid because using two different mediums can be more effective and useful because it can be helpful to the person that you are using videoconferencing with. ...read more.

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