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All of the data in this spreadsheet corresponds with the information at the left of the screen, which shows the monthly charge, text charge and calls cost per minute

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Annotation of my Spreadsheet This here is a print screen of my original spreadsheet, holding all of the relevant data. It shows the total calls in minutes, the amount of text sent in a month and the total. ...read more.


The formulae for finding the average of the total calls column is =AVERAGE(D12:D23). To find the average all I had to do was enter the data into one single cell and then drag the cell at the bottom right to replicate the original data into the specified cells. ...read more.


I then needed to find the averages for each row. The formula I used was "=AVERAGE(D23:F23)". I then found the rest of the averages by replicating and dragging along into the correct cells. The spreadsheet to the left shows my spreadsheet in the formulae view. By using these formulas I can work out the totals and averages of each column much more quickly. Richard Aldridge 10 Gordon ...read more.

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