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am going to set-up a Computer Systems Maintenance Company called 'RR Payroll System,' which provides a range of support for its customers, which are all businesses.

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Title - GIGO Systems - Payroll System Student Name - Student Number - Centre Name - Centre Number - Date - Contents - Analysis * Introduction * Specification * Interview With * Data Flow Diagram * Module Map * Hardware And Software Requirements * User's Skill Level ANALYSIS: Introduction I am going to set-up a Computer Systems Maintenance Company called 'RR Payroll System,' which provides a range of support for its customers, which are all businesses. Each customer is allocated to an Account Manager. A team of Account Managers are employed to handle the needs of existing customers and to find new business. The Account Managers receive a basic salary, initially between �10,000-�12,000 per year. They also receive a commission depending on their total sales of maintenance contracts in a month: � If the value of the contracts sold in any month is below �1000 no commission is paid. � For sales of �1000 or more, but less than �5000 the commission will be 3% of that month's sales. � For sales of �5000 or more but less than �10,000 the commission will be 4%. � Sales of �10,000 or greater will earn commission of 5%. A monthly target is set for each Account Manager and if they are more than 20% below this then a warning letter is generated. ...read more.


* Is there any other advice that you can give me to help me towards producing my system? He insisted I should produce macros {buttons} such as 'Exit, Print and Main Menu,' etc, which when pressed onto by the Account Managers will do the following which is stated on the button. He told me to produce a back-up of the system because the system may get damaged due to a virus and the Managers will require their system back which will be notified to them, plus more through the 'User Guide.' Specification 1. My system will be able to store details of the following; - Details of a minimum of six Account Managers, each consisting of; Employee ID, Title, First Name, Surname, Basic Salary, Monthly Target, etc. - Tax, National Insurance and Commission Rates, etc. 2. My system will be able to enter monthly Sales Contracts details and to validate data appropriately when it is entered. Use appropriate default values to minimise user entry. - calculate the monthly commission - calculate who gets the bonus for that month 3. My system will be able to produce two main types of output; - Produce a warning letter issued to those Account Managers performing below 80% of target set. ...read more.


He/she will have to help the individual Account Managers on any difficulties they encounter or they should use the 'User Guide,' which will be linked to 'RR Payroll System.' The employees who have been employed are on a high level of work as they are 'managers,' so they should be able to resolve the basic problems, which they encounter. DESIGN: Choice Of Software This system will be implemented using 'Microsoft Excel 97.' This package is ideal as it includes many features which can be used in customising the application, such as: * Ability to create a blank template. * Ability to link product details entered in one workbook with invoice details entered in a second workbook through a table lookup. * Pivot tables to create monthly summaries. * Sophisticated report facilities with the ability to format text, set margins, page layout, import a company logo and preview before printing. * Charting facilities including ability to add a trend line. * Ability to protect worksheets and workbooks so that the user cannot accidentally destroy formula or headings. * Formatting to help make it clear to the user where to enter data. * Macros which will execute automatically on opening and closing workbooks. * Customised menus and toolbars. * Auditing tools to help ensure that there are no errors in the workbook. ?? ?? ?? ?? GIGO Systems - Payroll System ...read more.

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