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An I.T. for a Geography Department

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Problem Statement The geography department need to give out letters about a field trip to the Peak District but they need to personalise the letters to make more appealing to parents. Ms Keeley, the Geography teacher organising the trip, currently starts the letter with 'Dear Parent' instead of a personalised start like 'Dear Ms Mir' or something like that. The Improved System An improved way of doing it would be using mail merge to personalise the letter by using people's names, addresses, job occupations, etc. ...read more.


Easy to get programs for it. I can use a floppy disk to transfer from home to school. Printer Laser HP 2100 6-9 prints per min as against 2-3 for an inkjet. 30 copies printed to a laser equals 5 minutes. To an inkjet it equals to 15 minutes. A cartridge on a laser is �20 that does 600 copies. But on an inkjet it is �60 and does 6000 copies. Therefore a printout will cost 10 times more. So, a Laser printer is good quality, cheaper and easier to run. ...read more.


Excell Quantitative Objectives The Geography Department want me to make personalised letters to pupils wanting to go on the trip. The letters need to: * It needs to look professional * It needs to have neat presentation * It needs a logo * It needs to be personalized * It needs to have the pupils name, addresses What Next? I will need to talk to Ms Keeley and find out what she needs to have on the letters. I will produce a number of solutions for her to choose which one she prefers. I will then implement the chosen solution and test it. I will finally ask her to evaluate the letter ?? ?? ?? ?? Alex 10RJ 1 IT C/W ...read more.

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