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An I.T. system for a car fleet Manager

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Identify Identification of problem * I have been approached by a car fleet manager and asked to create spreadsheet to calculate bill's for employees who use the cars under your management. * The problem is that the company has been overcharging due to a disorganised filing system, that is why they want it done by computer. * Another problem is that the company has been getting people's files mixed up, so they have asked me to create a spreadsheet so all the files are in order and backed up so they can't get lost. * They have asked me to sort out their files quickly so that they get no more angry customers complaining because they have been overcharged. ...read more.


Microsoft excel allows you to add comments which means that you are able to writ a comment next to a figure to explain what it means, and if there is a blank space you are able to explain why there is no figure in that space just by using this function. Conditional Formatting allows you to make certain figures stand out from the rest, you would want to too this for instance if someone is late with a payment or is paying in instalments and is late with one of them. Microsoft excel allows you to create a look up table which allows you to input a grade for a certain person depending on what their marks are etc. ...read more.


Comparison with alternative I have chosen to do my project in Microsoft excel instead of other packages such as Microsoft Word because Microsoft Excel is by far the easiest package to navigate around. If you choose to do it in Microsoft Word then you will have to create a table and adjust it to the size you want which will take a long time, but in Microsoft Excel it is already done for you. This program has many advantages over Microsoft Word. Although Microsoft Word can do a few of the following: * Entering Formulae * Adding comments * Contitional Formatting * Creating a look up table * Data validation * Using goal seek * Inserting buttons and Macros Analyse Objectives Information requirements and origins Outputs and purposes Processing requirements Plan of action Design Overview of complete system Details of system User requirements File description ...read more.

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