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An I.T. System for Project Skateboarding

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Analysis Introduction and Background Project skateboarding is a skate shop open in Pottingers entry, Belfast. They sell skate clothes, bags, hardware and safety gear (Helmets, pads etc...). About three or four months ago, they opened up a small skate park in Ballygowan. Being constructed in converted barns, with only a few ramps, the popularity of this park took the owners by surprise. Many young skaters signed up to become members, which would enable them to get in at cheaper prices, but many visitors didn't apply for membership. Currently, there are plans to open another similar park in Glengormely. Project think that this will increase the number of members that they currently have. ...read more.


Eastpak Chipie Kronk Decks: Safety Gear: Tussy Girl Triple Eight Freshjive Zero Road World Industries Griptape: Addict Adio Jessups Zoo York Unabomber Bench Toy Machine Wax etc... Hooch Reaction Powell Blueprint Flip Girl Shorty's The system which I am proposing is not a very high-tech system, but all that is needed is a database and a printer. Therefore, systems can be purchased for all three areas: the store in Pottinger's Entry, the park in Ballygowan and, when set up, the park in Glengormely. I propose that Pentium I's at 200mhz with 16mb RAM with 3.5" floppy drives and no CD-ROM drive with a dot-matrix, black-and-white printer are purchased. This will be reasonably cheap, and the operating system supplied will come with a database package. ...read more.


* The users will have to search for certain member's names * A mail merge system for promotional items, notification of renewing membership * Current suppliers of products * Which suppliers supply which products and print them out if necessary Inputs Members: * Full name * Address * Telephone number * Date of Birth * Date of registration Suppliers * Name of supplier * Products supplied * Price of products * Type of products Objectives I want the system to be able to: 1. Show a list of members and their respective details 2. Update the membership list quickly and easily 3. Notify when someone's membership is outdated 4. Show the current suppliers and their product descriptions 5. Search for a certain member 6. Search for a certain supplier/product http://www.projectskateboarding.com/ (Correct at time of printing) ...read more.

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