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An Investigation Into Business Communication

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An Investigation Into Business Communication I have been assigned to solve a firm's communication crisis after the purchase of a new production site 50 miles from London. The company employs 120 people. This has led to split between the staff and workers. The diagrams show how the business configuration was before the change. The diagram shows the hierarchy level of how the directors stand against each other and also the span of control. Each director will not have easy access to another director due to the distance of each site. Board of Directors Managing Directors Finance Marketing Production Human Resources Administration Director Director Director Director Director Good Communication is extremely important in any business, without it there is not much point. Having good communication between the managers, directors, workers and others is necessary so that goals can be achieved and that everyone will have good understanding between each other. "Communication - social intercourse, the science and practice of transmitting information." - Oxford Concise Dictionary All businesses have objectives and targets which all must be fulfilled. The main goals of businesses include pleasing customers and obviously profit maximisation. These can only be done with support from every member of staff and help from suppliers. ...read more.


Mobile phones are the latest trends in technology with nearly every businessman having one. Verbal interaction can be received and sent whenever as long as there is network coverage. People can also communicate by sending each other text messages (SMS). Telephones are used everywhere and still is the most used method of reaching someone far. Pagers can only receive messages. These are very efficient when a supervisor is unavailable because you can chat or text them whenever necessary. Video conferencing is a good way of dealing with a meeting where members are unable to attend. By the aid of cable connections members can speak and hear clearly with each other. One great disadvantage to this is the cost of holding a meeting on-line, but it is cheaper than travelling from different locations. One issue concerning video conferencing involves the use of VDU equipment. This equipment must be operated and positioned at the correct expense. There must be breaks in between usage. The Internet is an interactive network provides a range and variety of web sites, including email. You can use video conferencing through the Internet provided you have the right hardware and software. There are already programs such as NetMeeting, which allow you to do so. ...read more.


The Internet has played a major part in businesses lately with many of them having their own web site and their own e-mail address. This has persuaded me to include e-mail as one of my suggestions in communicating internally as well as externally. These Internet connections can even hold meetings on-line by using web-cams. This is a way of video conferencing. I decided not to select postage as part of communication as it can take up and waste a lot of time. Costs are quite expensive compared to free e-mail because all you pay is the phone bill, the postage costs also depends on what you are sending and where you are sending it. I had to reconsider selecting e-mail as part of my recommendations because sending and receiving documents over the Internet are risky. Personal information or secret information could be stored on the e-mail, and with hackers and viruses floating on-line which could evade the Data Protection Act. This is one of the disadvantages I had to face. I decided that the senior members should bring a mobile phone with them rather than a pager because by using a mobile phone you can interact verbally whereas using a pager, all you would receive is text. I had to choose the suitable methods of communication that would be most convenient to the customer. ...read more.

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