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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3648

Analyse appropriate hardware needed.

Extracts from this document...


Analyse Appropriate hardware identified: For this system Mr Way will need a computer with a 32-bit resolution because it will define the colours that he needs appropriately and efficiently. He will also need a computer that can support Microsoft Vista with the supplements of Microsoft 2007 enterprise. The reason for needing this particular computer system is because it is the latest and can be updated frequently. The processor on this computer also needs to be around 1000 MHz because of the amount of work that Mr Way will be doing; this system would be able to support the sizes of the files and manage the speed it works at. The computer also needs to have 64+ MB of RAM in memory to be able to store all the data in the system. A LaserJet Printer is required as it is proven to be very fast and prints out in good quality. Hardware: Hardware and details of the hardware needed Why it is needed? MONITOR: A monitor can be referred to as a visual display unit. A monitor can be used to display images in colour and without it - it is virtually impossible to see the system and what you are doing or typing. Mr Way needs this piece of hardware so that he can see what he is doing in the system and if he didn't have it in the system he will not be able to do anything. CPU (Central processing unit): The CPU is the part of the computer that controls the other parts of it. It can also be referred to as the computer's mind or brain. It carries instructions within the software, stores data, performs arithmetic and handles control signals. This will help Mr Way in the software and carrying out instructions. Mr Way will need this hardware to carry out instructions for the software He will need this piece of hardware to carryout instructions for the software. This will help make the work and get the pictures. ...read more.


Number Mr Ways mark book Photocopying the mark book. QWERTY keyboard. Visually double checking Validation rule: Only accept numbers between 0 and 100 (100 being the maximum mark). Pupil surname Text Mr Ways register Photocopying the register. QWERTY keyboard. Visually double checking None Teachers statistics Text Mr Ways profile Photocopying the profile book. QWERTY keyboard. Visually double checking None Comment Text Mr Ways mark book Photocopying the mark book. QWERTY keyboard. Visually double checking None Process 1.) Spreadsheet tables - Spreadsheets are amongst one of the popular software used to input data. Data is commonly put in tables and spreadsheet provides neatness and great accuracy in calculations. Mr. Way could use this to actually input his data into neat tables he so much desired to use. This will help him with reading legibility and will save him time because he will not be using it trying to decipher messy handwriting. I will meet the objective by selecting the area that I need for the table. Then I will make sure the table stands out by bordering around its outer area. Thereafter I will add in the titles for the table and the rest of the data. 2.) Macros - Macros are collections of instructions that can be replayed if they are ever needed. This is particularly useful in spreadsheet, where a set of actions are used over and over again. Mr. Way could use this when he wants to input his data, because he will always do it the same every time. This will help tremendously help with time saving because everything is ready for him. I will meet this objective by selecting the "view" tab on the Microsoft ribbon and then selecting macros (located in the uppermost right hand corner. I will then select "record new macro" and then when the dialog box opens name it "What a recording!" A description can be put in but it is not necessary. ...read more.


5.) LaserJet printer: This piece of hardware is required so that Mr Way can print hard copies of the system to show the parents their child's progression. It allows me to print good quality copies and quickly so that they are clear to the parents (depending on the prototype). Without it there would be no hard copy of the system and/or if a different type of printer is used then the standard of printing wouldn't be as good. 6.) OHP (overhead projector): This piece of hardware allows the user to display the data on the board so that maybe the parents could see it on a parents evening, meeting etc. However there may be some issues concerning privacy and data protection here. Output method justified: 1.) Monitor: Mr Way will use a monitor because it is absolutely necessary for the system. Without it he will not be able to see his system or make any changes to it. 2.) Printer: Mr Way will use a LaserJet Printer because without it there will be no hard copy of the system and by using a different printer the copy quality will not be as good. This helps with the presentation section of the users problems because now there can be a copy of the system on the computer (set in a presentable way) and a hard copy which is also very presentable unlike the other system. 3.) QWERTY keyboard: Mr Way will use a QWERTY keyboard because any other keyboard would be difficult to use, considering the fact that he is used to using QWERTY over any other type. Without this piece of hardware however Mr Way will not be able input any data. 4.) Optic fibre mouse: Mr Way will use this piece of hardware because it is one of the only ways he can navigate the system Back up The media Which media is not recommended? The frequency Security ?? ?? ?? ?? Zaynab Nisa Shah Analyse Spreadsheet ...read more.

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