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Analyse - Database

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Analyse- Chosen Hardware: Below is a table of the hardware, which will be used when implementing the system. Both input and hardware devises have been considered. Input Devices Reason for Choice Keyboard By using this hardware I will be able to key in the relevant information concerning the member detail, method of payment and book details. This is a better option compared to the touch screen keypads as sometimes when you want to key in a certain letter it displays the wrong one, with a keyboard there will be less mistakes and the customer will be happier as it is less time consuming. Mouse By using a mouse it will be easier to navigate around the system. Furthermore the users can use the mouse effortlessly. The mouse compared to using the sensor mouse is better as you don't have to apply a certain amount of pressure for it operates. Output Devices Reason for Choice VDU; Monitor The VDU (visual display unit) has an important part, as this input device will be used the most. The VDU will display the relevant information to the user. Inkjet Printer An inkjet printer may be used to print off certain reports and queries in which the employees or Mr Browne want to analyse. Ink-jet printers offer black and white or colour printing with reduced levels of quality and speed. Colour ink jet printers are cheaper to buy than colour laser printers. Inappropriate Hardware: The table below illustrates the hardware that is not going to be used, as it is not needed. ...read more.


> User Requirements > Collect images of books from the internet to make the forms user friendly > Information about the queries Mr Browne wants to make Below is a diagram displaying the information that I will collect and where it will be displayed on the system. Data Manipulation: Tables Fields MEMBER Member ID, Member First Name, Member Surname, Address Line 1, Address Line 2, Address Line 3, Post Code, Telephone Number, DOB, Gender/Sex PAYMENT Payment ID, Payment Method, Date of Payment, Member ID, Book ID BOOK Book ID, Book Name, Book Price, Book Publisher, Book ISBN Number, Book Author, Publishing Year, Book Rating * Making a report: * The data will be entered into the tables. * Record will be made. * The tables will have a relationship. * Member ID Query will be made. * Make Query in design view. * Insert fields Member ID and Member Name. * Save * Run * The queries will then be put into a simple report. * The reports will be printed out. The tables will allow me to get appropriate information to make reports and forms, which will benefit the users. Computer Input and Verification Checks: As a majority of information will be entered into the system, it is crucial the information that is entered will be checked and verified to minimise mistakes. The information that will be entered will be in the tables and the details after the system is implemented. ...read more.


The inkjet printer is a better option compared to the laser printer, as it is cheaper to maintain, moreover the print cartridges are also cheaper. Mr Browne will be content with spending the little extra cost because it will be cheap and helpful. Furthermore, the touch screen VDU is not appropriate as there are many disadvantages with this device that are costly and inappropriate, therefore a normal VDU will be required as it is less expensive and Mr Browne has it already. Data Flow Diagram: Validation for Password Mr Browne wants to open up the database system. The system will ask for a password. Validation for data entry for Member table Verification for Password Verification to double check information Flowchart to update Surnames: Flow Diagram of the entered data: Below is a flow diagram of how the reports will be made. Backup Security: The system will need to be stored onto a CD-ROM, if the file is too big, this should be stored at a different location to the bookshop in case there is a fire, for example at Mr Browne's home. Furthermore, every time a new member joins the bookshop or details are being changed, the database should be saved to the hard drive. Therefore every week, a user must update the CD-ROM. This will keep the system up to date and organised. There should be a password on the computer therefore any unauthorised persons cannot access the system. Mr Browne and his employees should change the password every 6 weeks therefore this will minimise the risk of hackers. Coursework: Microsoft Access ...read more.

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