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Analyse Software Solutions

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Analysis- Software Solutions In order to make my database I am going to use Microsoft Access. Other possible systems I could have used are programmes such as Microsoft Excel and also a simple manual system where all the data is hand-written. I chose Microsoft Access, as this is more efficient and more professional as a whole. If I used a manual system I could have improved my problems by having all of the documents filed in alphabetical order, having more filing cabinets or by writing out documents more neatly and more tidily. Filing all documents in alphabetical order would have tidied up the documents and made them easier to find, but as documents would still be in a filing cabinet even though in alphabetical order it would still be time consuming to find them rather than a computerized system which would be a lot faster to find and therefore less time consuming. ...read more.


This is because you are unable to take care and write neatly all of the time, as there are many occasions in which you are rushed which causes the neatness of your writing to falter. The final reason why I have opted to use Microsoft Access rather than a manual system where filing cabinets are involved is because in Access you can store about 20,000 files but if you had to store 20,000 files using a manual system huge amounts of space would be taken up and it would be very awkward to find the specific document you desire. If I used Microsoft Excel in which to store data this would improve on the current system as it is computerized but it is still not as efficient as other computerized programmes. ...read more.


These are things such as creating tables and printing out multiple and single documents. Other reasons why I have selected Microsoft Access to store my data in is that on this programme you are able to insert your company logo, link data to other software in order to create a mail merge and also I am then able to put data wherever I like rather than having the data in a set place. A further reason why I have selected Microsoft Access is because it is the most professional piece of software available to me So in conclusion, the software programme I have selected in order to make my database is Microsoft Access. The reasons being that out of all software programmes available to me this is the most professional and also the most efficient to use. ?? ?? ?? ?? By Jonathan McCabe ...read more.

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