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Analyse System Specifications

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Analysis- System Specification In order to design my database on Microsoft Access the software I will need is as following. I will need the operating system of Windows XP. This is because this version of Windows is more up-to-data and more professional to use than say, Windows 98. Also Windows XP will have better and more up-to-date features than older versions would have. I will need the applications programmes of Microsoft Access 2003 and Microsoft Word 2003. The reasons for this is because I will need Microsoft Access to perform such actions as creating the database and I will need Microsoft Word to perform such actions as creating a mail merge. Also I will need Microsoft Access 2003 and Microsoft Word 2003 because these are more up to date and more professional versions compared to older versions such as Microsoft Access 2000 and Microsoft Word 2000. The hardware I will need in order to carry out my database is as following. I will need a processor that has a minimum of 1GB (Gigabyte). The reason for me needing a processor this size is because this will enable me to have a larger overall volume of work stored on the computer and will allow me system to run quickly. ...read more.


A further peripheral I will need is a mouse. The type of mouse I will need is a standard roller ball mouse with a scroll bar. I am using this rather than an infa-red mouse because I do not feel that an infa-red mouse is completely necessary as the workplace should not be very dusty so the roller ball mouse should not get much dust at all trapped inside. The reason why I need a mouse it all is to enable me to select and click on certain fields and it also enables me to move the cursor wherever I wish to. Another peripheral I will need is a monitor. The type of monitor I will need is a standard monitor of at least 11 inches. I also feel that a flat screen monitor would help me. I do not feel a bigger monitor is required as I feel that the text would be sufficiently big enough and I do not feel that a monitor this size or more than this size would cause any eyestrain. Also I feel that the monitor being used should have a fairly high refresh rate. ...read more.


The PC is a vital part of the work soon to be carried out and this work would be impossible without it unless hand written. Identifying inputs, processing and outputs Throughout my product inputs, processing and outputs are involved with almost every single thing that I do. Firstly inputs are data entry into something. Anything entered via a keyboard is an input. For example a mail merge or a field name. Processing is the calculating or in the process of doing something. For example when running a query the computer is processing information and/or data. Finally an output is the result or the data that comes out of something. For example the results of a query or the result of a calculation. A further example of an output is a printer when printing a document. An example of something that combines input, processing and output together is a simple calculation. For example in the sum 2+2 = 4, 2+2 would be the input, the equals sign (=) would be the processing and 4 would be the output. These three processes are used constantly throughout my project in every aspect and every programme I will use. ?? ?? ?? ?? By Jonathan McCabe ...read more.

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