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Analyse the documents one at a time with reference to the criteria and identify both positive and negative element of each document.

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Analyse the documents one at a time with reference to the criteria and identify both positive and negative element of each document The task requires me to collect two different documents from each company. I have decided to collect 3 different application forms and 3 web pages. I have to produce a report describing, comparing and evaluating two different standard documents used by each of the organisations. I chose these two types of documents, as they seem to be the most complicated to make. I had few difficulties collecting the documents, as the companies were not to certain about giving out personal information. However I did manage to collect the needed materials form. My three application forms are from: 1. Le Meridien Excelsior (a hotel based around Heathrow Airport) 2. Foot locker (a sport store based in Uxbridge also World wide) 3. British Airways (Airline based near Heathrow Airport) My three web pages are from: 1. www.britishairways.com 2. www.footlocker.com 3. www.lemeridien.co.uk Description and analysis of document collected. Application form 1: Le Meridien Front page This application form is more attractive than the others because it has a nice blend colour (actually just shades of blue). Along the left hand side of the page is the names of the companies in associate with Le Meridien. The logo of the company is behind the text to make the form more attractive and lets the applicant know what they are filling in. ...read more.


Last page This page is like the conclusion to the application form as it gives questions that will help you while in the job, such as any medical information. An address stamp is posted on the back of the form telling you where to return it and underneath that is the usual section for official use only which is fill in grey colour and inside of it there is a white boxes which is for the store stamp. The font style is Arial and size "10" some sections are italic and bold for parts to be read and understood easily. The structure of the pages is excellent as it laid out well and is very clear. There is no need to be readable as it is kept simple. There are headers and titles in this document which stand out clearly because they are in bold and size "14". This application form is very professional. The target audience should be for teenager as teenager are more active which is represented in the layout, background colour and questions asked by the application form. Application form 3: British Airways Front page This application form is similar to most application forms. The logo is represented at the top of the page. The questions asked are relevant, as you have to give your general information, all the questions are not reference such as address and position applied for. ...read more.


The accuracy of this document is not very satisfactory because it works for the business type of person. Analysis of Le Meridien web page The font style of this document is one kind, which is Arial Narrow. It also has three different font colours, which are blue, red and black. The structure is not very pleasant (landscape) because when I print the site from the Internet the web page has been printed in half details in each pages (two), so what I did is copy and paste. The layout is very poor. The target audience for this document is probably of the age group adult and plus. The length of the web page is disappointed because it has only a very small verse. The picture is well presented as it attracts the customer view "sea side, blue sky...). The accuracy of this document is very poor. Analysis of Footlocker web page As one of the world largest employers, it is their responsibility to run a successful and profitable business. There is a variety of fonts used in the Footlocker homepage, with a change of colours. The fonts are set in different colours, which are designed to catch the eye of the person who will be browsing the web. The font are set in different way, they are bold, italic and other different styles. It uses different ways. The site is well presented as you can see the layout stand out, the hyperlinks in the top of the page, which shows by category what the customer will need. The site is done professionally. ...read more.

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