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Analyse the websites of NHS, Amazon and Greenpeace

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´╗┐Introduction For this assignment I will need to write a report to explain to the assessor how three contrasting organisation (NHS, Amazon and Greenpeace) have been designed to have a visually appeal to their users. * Search Engine Operation * Ranking Information * User Paths Through the Website * Conflicts Between Different Aspects of Usability * Design for Usability and Appeal Search Engine Operation Amazon will use search engine options to make sure that the information on their website is correct and the language used is professional and that the design of the website is not affected they will also make sure that it is correct and to make it to a standard to be the best to make sure that a search engine will choose to put their website first when searching on a search engine. NHS will make sure when designing there website that the information provided on the main page is professional and the language used on the website is correct and is appealing to a search engine this will inflict on how high ranked the website is on the search engine. ...read more.


User Paths through the Website Amazon will use the jump around method as it is easy to read and most audience of their website will skim read and if they was to find a product they liked they may use the linear method to provide information. This is really good as the audience will not get bored of the website and this will maintain their audience. NHS will use the linear method as they are a professional website that provides information they would set there text how it would be in a book as people would not skim read and will read the whole text to find information. This also may be a downfall as people may not want to read the whole text and want to skim read to find specific information on a disease. Greenpeace use the jump around text on their website as it is easy for people to read and it goes with the design of their website it makes it look attractive and to maintain their audience on their website. ...read more.


Design for Usability and Appeal Amazon will also design their website to fit to what their target audience will be they will need to make sure that the design and the appeal of the website is comfortable enough for their target audience, they also will make sure that the website is fast and looks professional and encourage the visitors to return to the website. NHS will make sure that the design of their website goes with the theme of the organisation as well as looking at how it will appeal to the visitors that they get on their website they will want to make sure the design is user friendly and easy to use as well as giving the right information for the visitors to return to the website. Greenpeace will also make sure that the design is entertaining to the viewers and that the target audience is entertained by their website they will make sure that the design is suitable and that the information given is correct and will make the users to return to the website and that it will appeal to the visitors. ...read more.

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