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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2458

Analysis of an ICT system for a medical clinic.

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Description of the Problem Moss Pharmacy in Caistor manages the medicine for most of the inhabitants of the town. It operates a small shop selling necessities and also runs a prescription service with the medical clinic. Medicine arrives according to demand through large lorries from pharmaceutical companies. It is a vital location in the small town, as Caistor is fairly remote. Currently it interacts with the local medical clinic, so that it can obtain information about which prescription drugs are needed and who to give them to. At the moment, when the doctor prescribes medication, he gives the patient a handwritten note, or 'prescription' with a watermark. The patient (or a carer on behalf of the patient) then hands the note to the pharmacy dispenser, who gives them their medication if it is in stock. It is surprising, however, how many people there are who will try and take medication that isn't theirs. Because everyone knows one another in the town, the dispenser must currently use their judgment as to whether or not the person hasn't simply found the prescription or forged their own. This will inevitably be a problem, as staff are replaced with less experienced dispensers and if people try and claim medication that shouldn't belong to them. Consequently, the client would like a system implemented in which customer's identities can be verified to a better standard. ...read more.


Prescriptions and Medicine are linked because on each prescription is the name of at least one kind of medication that the pharmacy must give to the patient. 3. Patients and illnesses are linked because somebody wouldn't be a patient if they didn't have more than one illness or condition. 4. Illnesses and Medicine are linked because for each illness currently on file there is at least one kind of recommended medication. 5. If the item isn't in stock, then an order is made for that item. So these two are linked because when there is a lack of medicine, there is an order, and there can't be an order without a lack of medicine. Inputs and Outputs 1. The complaint could be anything that is wrong with the patient, from a stuffed nose to a terrible disease and is given through conversation. 2. The prescription contains fields containing the Patient ID, Patient's Name, Patient's Postcode, Patient's House Number, Patient's Phone Number, Medication ID, Medication, and Additional Comments. The last field is a formality for if the doctor needs to specify any precautions to be taken with the patient in case they are allergic to certain medication or have an excessively serious condition. This is also used when somebody has to collect medicine on behalf of the patient. 3. Prescription is as above and is handed in to pharmacist, who confirms the customer's identity and visits the store room to find the medication. ...read more.


* The system must be computer based, so as to eliminate the problem of doctor's bad handwriting not being able to be read. * System for stock levels must allow for more expansion. * System for stock levels must not be subject to human error, and not too time consuming. * Personal patient information must be protected. Performance Criteria Qualitative: * Must be able to hold data far into the foreseeable future and not take up too much space. * Specific data on patients and medicines must be easy to find. * The system must look at least presentable visually. * Must be fairly easy to use and get used to for new employees and current ones. * Every output must be perfectly accurate, as if wrong information or medication is given to patients, it could be a disaster. Quantitative: * System must be able to verify patient within 30 seconds. * It should not take more than 30 seconds to check whether an item is in stock. * Nobody except the doctors should be able to view personal customer information. * The system must be able to cater for any amount of patients. * The system must be able to accommodate any amount of types of medication. * When medication is purchased or received, the amount of stock for that medication must decrease or increase accordingly. * System must print two labels on one A4 page. ?? ?? ?? ?? Medical Clinic and Pharmacy System Joshua Isted 11X ...read more.

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