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Analysis of ICT task for a hairdresser's booking system.

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´╗┐ICT Coursework- Mrs Muman The new hairdresser salon called Hair Studio that has opened needs to improve its record keeping system because the record keeping system at present is not very reliable and does not work efficiently. Therefore the ICT specialist?s job is to introduce an efficient system to store the customer?s details and to develop a reliable booking system. The system needs to be able to book appointments for the customers quick and easy. The new system should be able to help the salon to function more smoothly and the ICT system that I will give the hair salon will help the business become more organised and can easily handle the client?s data more efficiently. The details of the customers will be stored in a section where all the personal details of each customer will be stored and the appointments will be stored in the booking system. ...read more.


1. You can set-up a primary key 2. You can perform queries 3. Can be sorted in alphabetical order 4. Validation incorrect data cannot be entered 5. The can be a menu page to make it more professional 6. Backup in case the data becomes lost. 7. Spell check 1. You need to train people to use the computerised system. 2. If the computer crashes the data can be lost. Paper based system Advantages of a paper based system. Disadvantages of a paper based system. 1. Portable/ Easy to carry place to place. 2. No training needed to operate the paper based system. 3. Keep securely in a locked place so no one can enter the cards containing the details. 1. Messy looks unprofessional. 2. Takes up space. 3. If any alteration takes place this can make the information untidy. 4. Confusion 2 people might have the same names. ...read more.


Poster Advantages of the leaflet Disadvantages of the leaflet 1. Instant Visual Impact 2. Relatively Cheap 3. Can be seen by a large number of people if strategically placed. 1. Limited amount of information is presented 2. It?s difficult to measure effectiveness. Radio Advantages of the Radio Disadvantages of the Radio 1. Relatively cheap 2. Most of the customers will hear the advertisement on the Radio. 3. Most groups and many age ranges covered. 1. Not visual 2. No copy of the material 3. Have to rely on the target audience listening at the correct time. My chosen solution is the poster; I will use the poster to advertise my business to the public. As you can see there are many advantages and disadvantages of using the radios and the billboards to advertise the business the method I will use is the poster because this way is more efficient and easy to do. I will design a draft of the poster on Microsoft and I will design it also on Microsoft word and then I will distribute it to the customers. By Samia Ahmed 10T/GA ...read more.

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