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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3639

Analysis of stock ordering for Henley Ice cream Parlour.

Extracts from this document...


Background Information 1. What is the name of the organisation? Henley Ice Cream Parlour 2. What does it do? Sells ice cream to the general public at the shop. There are also tearooms at the shop. The ice cream is also supplied to local businesses for retail. 3. Where is it located? Henley-in-Arden 4. How many people does it employ? There are two full-time members of staff and 9 part-time. 5. How many shops are there? One 6. What are the names and positions held of people who are going to be involved with the project? Cindy Brittan - Owner Emily Brittan - Sales and Marketing Manager The specific area of the company that I will be looking at for the project is stock ordering. It is linked to the rest of the organisation as follows: As it is a very small company many of the departments overlap and are managed by the same people. All decisions are made centrally by the owner. There is also outside influences such as the two manufacturers of the ice cream. Initial Statement of Problem The current system used for ordering ice cream from the manufacturer is paper based. Each week the remaining ice cream in the cold store is counted physically counted and recorded manually. Many problems arise from this, as the system is not reliable. A computerised system is required to increase accuracy. The Current System Fact Finding - Transcript of first interview with Emily Brittan 1. What data is collected for processing? The stock levels of the ice cream available for use in the shop or to be sold to customers. 2. How does this data originate and how is it collected? The data originates form ice cream sales and is collected manually. 3. How often is it collected? Weekly 4. How is it processed? Manually 5. Who processes it? Cindy Brittan or Emily Brittan 6. ...read more.


* The ice cream is then delivered 2-3 days later. * When the ice cream is delivered, each box is labelled with what is inside, and then checked off against the invoice. * The ice cream is then moved into the cold store. * The stock freezer in the shop is filled up once a week with napolis from the cold store. If the stock freezer runs out it is filled up again with napolis from the cold store. * The 1-litre freezer is also filled up once a week with the 1-litres from the cold store. * 1-litre and 4-litre tubs are also sent to other shops that sell the ice cream. * 4-litre tubs may also be taken directly out of the cold store to be sold in the shop. Analysis of Data Requirements Specification 1. To be able to see the remaining stock levels of each flavour, in all sizes, at the end of the week. Evidence: Question 6 from second interview - What problems have you encountered with the current system? Unsure of stock levels as the ice cream is manually counted so mistakes are made. 2. To produce in the form of a graph/table what flavours, in what size, have been used. Evidence: Question 7 from second interview - What information do you require to be produced using the data on stock levels? The number of each flavour, in each size, that have been used each week. 3. To show clearly the ice cream flavours and sizes have been sent to customers. Evidence: Question 7 from second interview - What information do you require to be produced using the data on stock levels? The flavours and sizes of ice cream that has been sent to customers. 4. To be compatible with Microsoft Office 98 programs such as Excel. Evidence: Question 8 from second interview - What software do you have? ...read more.


Evidence: Question 15 from second interview - Is there any other information you would like to store on the system? Customer details such as contact number, delivery details, previous orders etc. 37. To analyse and present sales data from each shop in the form of a graph/table. Evidence: Question 7 from second interview - What information do you require to be produced using the data on stock levels? The amount of ice cream sold at each of the local shops. 38. To monitor the number of bubble wrap bags, using the sales data from 1-litre tubs, and to indicate when they need to be reordered. Evidence: Question 13 from second interview - What stock needs to be monitored? Bubble wrap bags which are supplied with each 1-litre tub that is sold in the shop. 39. To printout what ice cream has been ordered from the manufacturer. Evidence: Question 12 from second interview - Do you need to produce any paper-based records? Printouts detailing the quantity of ice cream that has been ordered from the manufacturer, to compare with what is delivered. 40. To show how much ice cream is given away through raffle prizes etc. Evidence: Question 7 from second interview - What information do you require to be produced using the data on stock levels? How much ice cream has been given away through raffle prizes etc. Alternative Approaches 1. A better organised paper based system. This would involve: * Using a clearer table to record the amount of ice cream in the cold store. * Recording ice cream as it leaves the cold store. The benefits of this system are: * User does not need to be computer literate. * Wage costs are lower as it is less time consuming. The costs of this system may be higher because more paper would be used; which in turn will require more storage space. It would also be difficult to analyse the sales data, as all the different sheets of paper referring to sales would have to be gathered and processed manually. 2. Helen Clarke 13A ...read more.

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