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Analysis of Tesco's Website

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´╗┐Web design for usability and visual appearance. Tesco: www.tesco.co.uk/ navigation The navigation of the Tesco website is very simple and very easy to gain access to all areas of the website (www. and also external pages from the website (https://www.asp6.bondtalent.com/tesco/website/apply) this is a external link found on Tesco web which helps visitors to apply for jobs in Tesco. language In the UK Tesco website the only language available is English. But on the Tesco Plc website the language feature is available as the website is for different countries. The language use is very friendly and very persuasive. By doing this the website will ensure that it is attracting customers to its website. Use of colour. The website based on the distinct theme of the visual appearance of its logo which is blue and white. There are images of Christmas festivity as it is approaching near. On every page the logo is displayed on top along with their business slogan in bold letters ?Every little helps?. usability The website is easy to use and easy to gain information from as there are each tabs for each department, this will be useful for customers to help them find what they are looking for. On the home page there are to search bars. The first one allows you to choose the department and the second one allows to types in the keyword of the product. ...read more.


language As there are many tourists who visit the London every year, the website is used by them of bus maps, tube maps, and navigation for all the tourist spots. In order that people don?t get confused the tfl website allows the user to change the language which suits him. The language used is formal and this allows the business to relate to a whole audience (different a people). usability The Tfl website is easy to use as the format of the website is not complicated for viewers that will use the page. The major heading is Clear & Descriptive as most visitors don?t read but browse. Downloads from the website are fast as most content downloaded are PDF Maps. Accessibility There are tabs on the homepage of the website which direct you towards the different areas of information of Tfl of their Tickets and services. The website offers a search tool which helps viewers search information. The websites allows adjusting the size of nearly all the text on the website by using the font size setting in the browser. This setting is found in the 'View' menu of most browsers. The web page will help to change the website to suit personal needs as all sorts of audience visit the Tfl website. Oxfam: www.oxfam.co.uk/ navigation There is basic navigation on this website and it allows viewers to access information conveniently. ...read more.


Another marketing strategy is the club card, it allows customers to view to view how much club points they have accumulated and redeem them for coupons. Advertising ? Tesco mainly advertise their food and house hold products as these are the main products purchased by customers according to the Tesco annual report. Tesco also advertise their services like Tesco compare, Tesco mobile, F&F (Tesco cloths range), Tesco direct ETC. The on-going advertisement on the Tesco website is on the new arrival of products for the Christmas season. Mission statement ? on the Tesco website the mission statement can?t be found, but the campaign massage ?every little helps? can be found all over. In the website there is a tab called every little helps. When click on the tab the websites load a page showing all the little ways Tesco helps its customers. Example tidy your favourite, sort by price and other usability features Tesco offers. Customer relations- for business like Tesco customer relation is a must as they are the main source of income. Therefore preserving and attracting more customers is a must. In order to maintain these relations Tesco have come up with different schemes for its customers like the club card. The club card is a small card given to customers. When a customer shop at Tesco the customer is given points (points may vary according to the product). These points collected can be redeemed on Tesco website for coupons. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)


Positive points about this document include the way that the website reviews do include a list of criteria and whilst there is some difference in the way they are applied to each site it is a useful structure to have and shows thought in planning.
Some of the things that the user says about the site are valuable observations and there is a reasonable attempt to offer information on each one.

To improve this review the writer needs to be more consistent with their application of the criteria; check the language they are using makes grammatical sense and also read through the work carefully to get rid of sentences that do not make sense at all. To the reader it appears that the writer has tailed off towards the end of the work and run out of time.

Overall this is a three star piece of work that has the potential to be much better with a little review of the structure and the quality of written communication.

Marked by teacher Ad Son 04/09/2013

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