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Analysis of the Current Data Processing Procedures.

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Analysis Analysis of the Current Data Processing Procedures The procedure in the current system is exactly how I stated it in the specification. The current system is a filing cabinet in which all the pupils' files are contained chronologically. The files are overall outlines of each pupil in the school; it has an attendance section, a behaviour section amongst others. ...read more.


The new system will be an exact copy of the old but with one major difference; it is computerized so there will be no extra processing constraints that I will have to meet. Analysis of The Current Data Entity Pupil - This is the primary source of the whole system. It is he/she, which misbehaves. A Teacher - This entity makes a note of the incident and looks at the pupils file and decides a suitable punishment. ...read more.


Also once a pupil is on report it could take a considerable amount of time for him/her to get off it, based on how good the pupil is but on average it takes a week. Each subject teacher for the day Pupil is on report to the teacher Notes down how the pupil behaved For the lesson Checks and signs report before Adding it to the actual file The data currently recorded matches the data in my new system can work directly from the old system, thus extra data is not required. Ali Omar 1 ...read more.

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