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Analysis of Whipps Cross Hospital

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Analysis of Whipps Cross Hospital Waltham Forest is one of the busiest areas in London. The main reason behind this comes from the big hospital called Whipps Cross; serving a large community of approximately 225,000 people it makes it difficult for the approximately 2488 hospital to keep track of every single patient. There for I am going to create a database for the hospital staff to be able to store, delete, search and edit data about the patients as well as the doctors. This will help the hospital to keep track of the patient, for example, their latest treatment that they had, and what doctor they saw last etc. The hospital database will be accessible to all staff or workers in the hospital. My database will also be used to produce report and respond to particular queries (question/ comments) that the doctors may have about patients. However before I start my database I will need the following information: OUTLINE In this section I am going to outline the headings that I will be including in my database; this will store information about staff (doctors) and patients of the hospital. Database: A database is a collection of data that is organised so that its contents can easily be accessed, managed and updated. ...read more.


For instance, if you have an employee table, you might issue a SQL statement that returns the employee who is paid the most. This request to the database for usable employee information is a typical query that can be performed in a relational database. (http://www.informit.com/articles/article.asp?p=29661&rl=1) As from the definition it suggests that it's the selection of data, I will design two tables one for the staff and other one for the patients in Whipps cross hospital so with the help of both tables the Whipps Cross can run a query to specific information about the patient or the doctor. The query can also be used under one table as, if the hospital only needs to find the patients information. A query is useful because it will allow me to extract specific information from the database. Whipps Cross Hospital can just run the queries and check if there database is working effectively it will save there time and make things easier to find and store. Reports: Producing information on a database in a form of a report data base will produce reports about the doctors and the patients e.g. patients information report, the doctors salary record etc. It will also produce results on a database in a presentable form. After making query database will produce the report for them in which it will be the information of one/two tables. ...read more.


How I can improve my database. I will also explain the things which went right or wrong. INPUTS The data will be put into 2 tables, one for the staff and one for the patient. It will have different field names because there are 2 different sets of people. This will be the information that I will be putting into the database or the FIELDS.STAFF For the staff table: For the patients table: OUTPUTS How the data will be presented once it has come out of the computer; I will present my information in the form of table, reports and queries. SUCCESS CRITERIA In order for the database to be successful, I will measure the success of my data by running queries. Also, I will see if the correct information is displayed, this will tell me if it is a success and if it works proper.My database must contain information about Whipps cross hospitals staff and patients so it makes it easier for them to store and keep track of all the staff and patients so it makes it easier for Whipps Cross to store and keep track of all the stuff and patients. My database needed to be used friendly, it needs to have no spelling mistakes and it should have no gaps. ?? ?? ?? ?? ICT coursework Task 2C Activity Sheet 1 Fizzi Hasib 10W ...read more.

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