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Analysis section for database project based on a hotel booking system

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Analysis Introduction The Hotel which I am going to make a computerised booking system for; replacing a manual system, is called Hotel Luxury. The Hotel is 5* and is situated in the town centre of Bolton. It consists of 60 rooms and is very busy throughout the year. . Project Name: Luxury Hotel INPUT PROCESS OUTPUT Guest details Look up guest details Guest details on screen Room details Add, edit and delete a guest detail Room Facility details Look up the Room details Room details on screen Add, edit and delete Room details Booking details Add and update bookings Booked rooms on report Produce guest ID Guest ID in prints (hard copy) Produce new hotel logo New Hotel logo What the Hotel needs The hotel allows the user to stay for a certain amount of days and nights. Within my analysis I have enclosed my brief. The minimum the system must have is: 1. Add a new guest to the database 2. Look through the guest database to find a returning guest. 3. Enable you to look at which rooms have already been booked on certain dates. 4. Enable you to look at which rooms are available on certain dates. 5. Make bookings The hotel wants its output on screen wherever it can. It really just wants the reports as printed when wanting to send confirmations. The computer bookings has to be easy to use so they don't need to offer training to the staff as the might not have IT skills. ...read more.


guest residing at Luxury Hotel, or the facilities of any available room at any date or even it could search for the list of rooms that are booked by any guest at any given date and time. 6. Database application programs make use of a very simple but straightforward user interface with forms. The user do not need to be bothered with the data in tables or see the criteria set for these queries, instead, he/she will only need to click command buttons represented in a form to either carry out a stated command or to open up another sub-form for him/her to input some data and get a response by the click of another button. This would really makes management of rooms and bookings at Luxury Hotel very simple and a straightforward process. 7. Database application program serves the purpose of getting any required data or information ready for prints with the use of report. For example, if the manager of Luxury Hotel wants to know the list of all the that are booked since the last two days in the Hotel, the user can easily perform this task by clicking on the associated command button in the form (which are bounded to the related query) and getting the response as a list in a report which would them be printed out for the manager to view. ...read more.


3- Unavailable rooms Quantitative performance indicators Screen title- Unavailable rooms Input- arrival date Input- Departure date Input- type of available room Output- unavailable room numbers in a table form Qualitative performance indicators Easy to read in a table Easy to return to menu Data to have valid ranges Data which is required must not be blank Easy to navigate Task 4- checking room availability Quantitative performance indicators Screen title- Available rooms Input- Arrival date Input- Departure date Output- Available room number Output- Room type Qualitative performance indicators Screen easy to read Easy to return to the main menu Data is protected from changes Task 5- Make bookings Quantitative performance indicators Screen title- making bookings Output will be (e.g. on screen) Screen title:- Input- Arrival date Input- Departure date Input- Type of room/ room number Input- Title Input- Initial Input- Surname Input- Address Input- Postcode Output- New record Qualitative performance indicators Easy to enter data Data to be entered must stand out Easy to save a record Easy to abandon Task 6-Main Menu Quantitative performance indicators Screen title:-Main menu Input- Command button 'adding a guest' Input- Command button 'returning guest' Input- Command button 'unavailable rooms' Input- Command button 'available rooms' Input- Command button 'Making bookings' Qualitative performance indicators Main menu should remain running Main menu should be centred on the screen Main menu should be clear to understand Main menu should appear when the database opens ?? ?? ?? ?? Faiyaz Patel Centre no.32105 Candidateno.4752 Page 1 of 5 ...read more.

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