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Anita is secretary of the local Rowing Club and is responsible for producing thing such as Agenda's, Minutes of Meetings and for designing the Club's Monthly Magazine.

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Anita is secretary of the local Rowing Club and is responsible for producing thing such as Agenda's, Minutes of Meetings and for designing the Club's Monthly Magazine. She wants a computer which will allow her to do her jobs efficiently and effectively especially giving her the opportunity to deal with graphics and images of Club events and personalities to insert into the magazine. Her children will use her computer to play games and do some of their homework. She is an experienced middle aged typist and her eyesight is not that good. She also suffers with a mild RSI of the wrist. Anita is going to need various equipment and software for her work and personal needs. I have a number of suggestions and recommendations for her which would be very helpful in job and her family and personal use. In the information above it states that Anita sufferes from a mild disability called RSI. RSI stands for Repetitive Strain Injury. ...read more.


So Anita may still need on some occasions to use her keyboard. That is why below I have given some other helpful advice which will help Anita. There are also another numbers of ways which she could prevent or counteract this problem, by taking up simple acts such as 'not having to stretch away from the keyboard' to be in a upright position which can also effect your back and neck., simple things such as this can help on the improvements to a person's performance on a computer and as I have already said to prevent or counteract the problem. Also in the information above it gave insight to any problem with Anita was experiencing. With the help of aged and other factors which she may not be aware of Anita's eyesight is not all that good. There are man ways in which she can solve this problem. She could purchase a large monitor, a ample size for Anita could be a 24 inches as an average monitor is 14 inches. ...read more.


She may need a scanner to scan a image of something that had taken place on the club. She may need a digital Camera to taken imagery of activities or other events which may be relevant or use full to the club magazine. She also may need the internet in help with her magazine as she may require to copy and paste image or pieces of text off the internet. If she is going to acquire a computer with internet access she will wish to have parental guidance active as she may children using the computer and she would not wish for them to see anything which would be consider improper for children, such as imagery, texts, and chat rooms which should not be accessible to children. Below is a print screen showing if they option was not already activated for Anita how she would be able to activated it. Also Anita has the option of having a Microsoft Office which comes with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Excel. Although she may not need them at the present time she may need them in the present future. ...read more.

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