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Another home social ICT technology I use is MSN messenger. This is sort of like a chat room, but it is just you and your friend or friends. You are both online, and you type a message which comes up on the screen straight away

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Special needs Through the examples discussed above one can realise that by Integrating Computer Technology with learning, these special needs children are becoming more eager to learn, they are being provided with new ways to manipulate their environment in order to communicate better with the rest of society, barriers are being blown away and a variety of new worlds opened up, all by the use of Computer Technology. Apart from all this, ICT has provided them with what any individual wants that is their independence. Illegal Copying of Intellectual Property Alert!! You may be Unaware of Committing Computer Crimes... What is Illegal Copying? A widely used term which means the same as illegal copying is Copyright Theft or Copyright Infringement. Copyright theft occurs when making use of protected work such as: software programs; another writer's text; movies; sounds; and images, without actually paying the required fee for authorisation. Illegal Copying and the Use of Computers: Sometimes text people about silly things, whereas I wouldn't ring them if I didn't have a mobile. This can be a help sometimes, because I know who else is going to places, or what time we have to be somewhere, or how much it costs. These are things which I think I know, and am just checking by texting someone, and would not ring someone about. ...read more.


A non-ICT alternative would be to handwrite all my work. Advantages of using a word processor are that it makes your work neater, with less mistake. Adult and employment to the customers to attract them back to the store, they can also receive points for shopping regularly, meaning they get money off. Barcodes are used so the company knows what's been brought and when; this is then automatically added to the stock list. They are used as an order system, they are also used to find the best selling brands this is an easy way to find out as all the products that are sold are recorded, so this is an easy task to do. ser name and password. The ICT department also requires two servers which run the school networks and an administrator computer which can enable and disable user accounts aswell as adding and removing resources from the network. The administrator can also allow internet use and ban inappropriate sites so that children cannot surf porn or other unacceptable sites during school time. Every lesson that takes place within a school can be used in conjunction with I.C.T from producing graphs and tables for science or math's, producing a p.e.p for PE, and for researching for all the other subjects' as well as typing up pieces if work. ...read more.


One of the most recent developments in mobile messaging is known as multimedia messaging service (MMS). The photo message service allows Just as the traditional short message service (SMS); multimedia messaging provides automatic and immediate delivery of personal messages. Unlike the SMS however, MMS allows mobile phone users to enhance their messages by incorporating sound, images, and other rich content, transforming it into a personalized visual and audio message. But MMS technology offers more than just a broadening of message content. With MMS, it is not only possible to send your multimedia messages from one phone to another, but also from phone to email, and vice versa. This feature dramatically increases the possibilities of mobile communication, both for private and corporate use. Multimedia messaging isn't as popular as texts messaging yet as only the latest mobile phones are equipped with the service. Soon though as more people update their phones this service will soon be as equally popular as text messaging is. Send More than Just Words with a Multimedia Photo Message Hands free sets have been around for some time now, but they have now been replaced with the new ground breaking launch of "Bluetooth" technology. As a new technology for wireless connectivity, Bluetooth cuts the wires that used to tie up digital devices. Based on a low-cost, short-range radio link, Bluetooth can connect many types of digital devices without a single cable in sight. ...read more.

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