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AO2 - Describe an innovation in ICT - Satellite Navigation

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´╗┐Purpose The purpose of satellite navigation is to guide someone to a certain place for example a restaurant, petrol station, a certain address or a postcode. Satellite Navigation can be used in cars, on motorcycles, bicycles and when walking and can be used to navigate to an unfamiliar place. Satellite navigation can have many purposes such as business purposes and for personal use. Satellite navigation can be used for businesses like postal companies and lorry drivers who are not sure how to get to a place or are unfamiliar with a certain place. Satellite navigation can be used for personal use if people using it are unsure how to get to somewhere or to find a good route to go somewhere. ...read more.


Each satellite is constantly beaming out a radio-wave signal towards Earth. The receiver device ?looks? for these signals and, if it can pick up signals from three or four different satellites, it can figure out your precise location. This works by satellites staying in known positions and the signals travel at the speed of light. Each signal includes information about the satellite it came from and a time-stamp that says when it left the satellite. Since the signals are radio waves, they must travel at the speed of light. By noting when each signal arrives, the receiver can figure out how long it took to travel and how far it is from the sending satellite. ...read more.


Limitations There can be some limitations of satellite navigation for instance people may need to carry a back up map and directions in case a satellite navigation system fails for some reason. For example, if someone is driving down a city street, the buildings may block the satellite signal preventing them from receiving position updates. If someone is hiking in the wilderness, their handheld satellite navigation receiver?s battery may die leaving them with no way to navigate. Satellite navigation signals are not always completely accurate. Obstacles like buildings and trees can deflect the signal, causing someone?s position on the satellite navigation system screen to be off by as much as 100 feet. Atmospheric conditions may also affect satellite navigation accuracy. Unit 8: AO2 ? Describe An Innovation In ICT ...read more.

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