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AO3 Evaluation ICT c/wk 2008-9

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AO3- Evaluation. Manual system. A system that requires handwork and does not consist of computerized input at all. To use a manually operated system, in the current set-up of MillionAir's customers, where they have at least 25 per month, and are expecting more thanks to their newly organized system, they would suffer because of their inability to cope with difficulties thrown at them. Had their system been a manual one, and their logo publicized their company further, their organization would be bad, and the company would be at a basic level of customers, and instead of progressing, would fall back drastically. Computerized system. A system which is made up of computer input, and that is it, it has no manual input at all. I have used a computer to make my logo, database and documentation, more useful, authentic and more professional. In addition, my computerized system has simplified life in the office so much more for the users. Justification. To create this system, I used the computer for a more professional, stylish, and an overall fresh looking database, where customers' details were not at any risk of being lost, or even being stolen by people who are interested in nothing more than their own personal fortune. ...read more.


Therefore, the customers can get their travel bookings out of the way quicker, they can have more queries, and the staff can answer them quicker. The system also has many drawbacks for the customers, for instance, the fact that the staff is not accustomed to using a system like this, as they have no computer knowledge at all, may result in the customers having to wait a lot, or it may result in them being unsatisfied with their booking. In addition, a member of staff that is untrained can unfortunately confuse themselves in the bookings, and book a person on the wrong flight or even more dreadfully, they could lose booking details, and they could end up in the wrong hands. Potential Problems of my system. * As mentioned above, the members of staff are not used to having such a technological item, worth so much money in front of them; rather, they are used to having papers and pens, which look messy, in front of them. This is why, at first, they will have anxiety in them, as to using the new system. * Over reliance on the computerized systems. What if they don't work one day? ...read more.


However, I feel that I was triumphant in creating a system that is friendly with people of all abilities. Earlier in the project, I set some aims and objectives for myself, which were the following: * Create a logo where the company and its descendants will become more recognized in wider circumstances. * Create a logo where the professional and technological standards the company holds, will be raised in office situations. * I hope to create a database, which will neatly organize the company's customer records, and make it all easily accessible. * I am hoping that my database creation will result in the company looking more modernized and their outlook on work now looking more optimistic. I feel that I was successful in completing all four of these targets, and that I carried them out well, to the best of my ability. I carried them out knowing that I was going to benefit MillionAir, and that me creating a system as such, would result in MillionAir having positive outlooks on work. I set out to complete these goals, and do a lot more; I set out to create work for MillionAir and to make it a more enjoyable process. The logo made great promotional use for MillionAir, as they are now able to promote the company in a healthy way. ...read more.

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