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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1687

AQA ICT Modelling Coursework

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Description of Task. Lifestyle Personal Trainers Inc was established 10 years ago in Chepstow and is now a national company with 948 gyms nationwide. The company was recently bought Ms. Lass who is looking to modernise the company. Ms. Lass wishes to update their current system, which is at present a filing cabinet locked in the office. All files in the members are stored alphabetically, under surname, in a large filing cabinet, which is locked using one key and then the office in which it is kept is locked using another. The current system is a pen and paper system, with the personal trainer having to do all the calculations and filling out each client's personal plan. Both the personal trainer and the weight-loss client would use the system to keep track of their weight-loss. The personal trainer would use it to alter the exercises and diet plan, whilst club members would log onto it from home via the internet in order to communicate with the personal trainer between sessions. The new system needs to be able to perform calculations. They want to make it easier to enter, sort, find and store data on their weight-loss club members. At present, there are few problems with the pen and paper system that Ms. ...read more.


Also, using something like Excel would mean that the personal trainers wouldn't have to do the calculations for each client, instead; these would be done on a computer. However, it may be costly if the company does not already have sufficient equipment. Overall, Ms. Lass should store the data electronically because it solves all the current problems (the time taken to add or edit data being too long, the lack of backup copies, the lack of security, and the issues surrounding handwriting.). It would also mean that the calculations needed for each client's plan would be done quickly on a computer. However, in the short term, it may cause a few problems, one being the cost of setting up the new system, as the company may need to buy a computer etc, and the second being that the staff may need retraining in order to effectively use the new system. Whilst re-training the staff would solve a few problems, others, such as the security, would remain. Replacing the current pen and paper filling system would only add to the current problem of it being too time consuming. Specification Five things the new system should have are: 1. A password. This is important as it stops unauthorised access to client's personal weight-loss plans. ...read more.


It also a DVD Rewriter, meaning that although she may not be able to back up the data on a memory stick, she could use a DVD to store it. Another advantage of choosing the laptop is the fact that it will save space in the office and trainers can take it into the gym with them when they review their clients' plans. Peripherals. TBC Implementation - Software. Now the software Ms. Lass will use to create the database has to be considered. I have chosen to compare Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Access Advantages Disadvantages Can organise data easily. Some members of staff may not have used it before and will therefore require training. Easy to input data. Microsoft Excel Advantages Disadvantages Can organise data easily. Some members of staff may not have used it before and will therefore require training. Can put in formulas and do calculations. Easy to input data. Ms. Lass should use Microsoft Excel because it meets all her needs, she can organise data easily, can do calculation to work out a client's target weight etc and it is easy and quick to input the data. All of these advantages were things that Ms. Lass wanted in the specification. Also, the only disadvantage is the same as with Microsoft Access, the fact that some members of staff may not have used the software before and would need training. ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 1 of 9 ...read more.

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