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E3 Provide a concise and accurate account of how the organization has incorporated consumer protection laws into its customer service policy. Budgens have SALE OF GOODS ACT 1979 amended 1994 This is probably the most important act as far as the customer and supplier is concerned. When customers buy something in a shop they enter into a legal contract with the retailer who has to fulfill certain obligations. The goods sold must be: * As described * Of satisfactory quality (rather than merchantable quality) * Fit for all purposes, not just fit for one purpose As described This part of the act means that the products must match the description. For example if a bag of Budgens own brand sugar said it weighed 250g, but instead it only weighed 230g, this would be an offence, as it is not matching the description on the pack, and is leading customers. Of satisfactory quality The law now says that the goods should be of satisfactory quality (rather then merchantable quality). This covers for example, the appearance and finish of the goods, their safety and their durability. ...read more.


Services This part deals with the standard of services provided by builders, plumbers, TV repairers, hairdressers, garages etc. It protects the buyer against poor workmanship, delays and hidden costs. The act states that all services should carry out: * For a reasonable charge * Within a reasonable time * With a reasonable care and skill DATA PROTECTION ACT 1984 This act was introduced to protect employees and individuals from the unauthorized use or exchange of information held on computerised databases. Individuals and employees have particular rights under the Data Protection Act, which include: * Right of access of information being held by an organisation about the individual which is personal data within the definitions of the Act. * The right to be given a copy of such data being held on the computer system. The effect of this law is to reassure the public that a stage of Big 'Brotherdom' would not be allowed to develop, where sensitive or private information held on computer could be used in such a way as to destroy the affected persons relationship, or could be used or moved around without an individual's knowledge or permission. ...read more.


This will result in a major loss in customers and their reputation has decreased so much, customers are afraid it might happen to them one day too. This affects sales directly, which intern effects profitability. OTHER LEGISLATION USED BY BUDGENS Consumer Protection Act 1987 This Act is separated into two new areas: This act is set to enable all customers do not get mislead by anything. The Law states that a person is guilty of an offence if he/she gives consumers an indication that is misleading as to the price at which any goods, services, accommodation or facilities are available. An example would be, false comparisons, ie 20% off everything on she shelf, Budgens might have already taken the price off the original price, bust sometimes the customer has to take it off themselves. The second area is that, it is an offence to offer or to agree to supply unsafe goods, or processing them for supply. For example, if Budgens had to sell goods that were not of satisfactory quality, ie if a bottle of dishwashing liquid contained a harmful substance, then that would be supplying unsafe goods to the public and the company would get sued. ...read more.

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