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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3720

AutoPlastics I.T. System

Extracts from this document...


Problem Statement The company which I have decided to do my project for is AutoPlastics, a company that deals primarily with the supply and repair of plastic car bumpers to both the public and insurance companies. The owner of the company is my end user. The company is currently experiencing problems with its ordering system. When a person phones and places an order or asks for a quote their details are taken and written into a book. A customer is then contacted within a day and provided with a quote and the company then arranges a suitable delivery time with the customer. The quote given to the customer is based upon the price at which the bumper must be purchased from the manufacturer if they do not currently have it in stock. If a bumper must be ordered from the manufacturer, 15% is added to the price to cover the cost of ordering and installation of the bumper. The problem occurs when the price of a bumper in stock is required that is currently in stock as the company have such an extensive range. The prices of the more popular models vary frequently (in order to meet with the competition), and are entered from memory. As a result mistakes are often made resulting in inaccurate quotes being given to customers. If an individual feels that they have been overcharged the result will be an unhappy customer who may choose not to use AutoPlastics again, and the companies overall profits will decrease. The paper based system currently employed also makes it difficult to keep track of orders made by customers and keep an accurate record of the most popular bumpers and frequent customers. ...read more.


the information within a workbook * Macro create a new workbook using a standard design * Macro to print a receipt * Protect/lock cells to prevent heading/formulae from being accidentally altered by user Existing customer: * Create a mocro which gives the user the option to open a customers spreadsheet Delete customer: * Create a macro which will enable the user to delete a customers file when no longer required Spreadsheet design for 'Auto Plastics - Order form' Main menu design I will create a user form for my end user which will enable them to carry out the following functions: New Customer - Create an account spreadsheet for a new customer Existing Customer - Place a new order for an existing customer Delete customer - Remove a customer's spreadsheet from the company database Cancel - Closes the Front End Macro designs for the main menu Name Brief description Steps involved Method of activation new_customer This macro will load a blank copy of the AutoPlastics order form ready to be filled in This macro will load the Auto Plastics order form. The user must then enter the required data using, then save button on the Auto Plastics order form. A button labelled 'New Customer' will be used to activate this macro. Name Brief description Steps involved Method of activation existing_customer This macro will allow the user to load a customers spreadsheet and will create a new workbook in which their new order will be filled in This macro loads a customers spreadsheet and creates within the spreadsheet creates a new workbook. The user must then enter the details of the new order into the new workbook and save the file when finished. ...read more.


Totals Totals will be calculated at high speeds using formulae within the spreadsheet instead of manually as in the previous system. This will increase accuracy and now enable the customer to see prices exclusive of V.A.T. Testing AutoPlastics Order Form The results of my questionnaire seem to indicate that my system meets the needs of my end user. It met any and all criteria specified by them and appeared to be faster than the previous system at calculating a total which could be given to the customer. In order to test this, the times taken to enter 6 orders were taken, 3 using the previous system and 3 using the new one. The times were as follows: Previous system New System Test number Time taken Test number Time taken 1 6:00 1 2:05 2 5:00 2 2:32 3 5:30 3 2:58 As the table clearly indicates there has been a clear time improvement which will ultimately result in less time spent calculating and more time spent in other areas of work. Testing the formulae of AutoPlastics Order Form - quantity, price per unit and Total test The best way to test the formulae will be to enter a variety of different values and to check whether the values are as they should be. Cells Used Data entered Reason Result G14, H14 3, �120.00 Test the formula entered within cell J14 A correct result of �360 was given indicating that this formula and the rest down the row were also correct. Testing the formulae of AutoPlastics Order Form - V.A.T values Cells Used Data entered Reason Result G30, I30, B30 =SUM(J14:J27) [�360] =G30-B30 [�359.83] 17.5% To test that the V.A.T exclusive value formulae (I30) is correct. �297. This indicates that the formulae are functioning properly. ...read more.

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