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BAA Internal & external communication channels.

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BAA INTERNAL & EXTERNAL COMMUNICATION CHANNELS BAA communication transmits information through the hierarchy/chain of command. This transmission takes place via communication channels. The formal channels are indicated by BAA's formal structure, shown by the vertical chains of command in its organisation chart. Horizontal communication channels also exist: for example, communication taking place at team meetings where the team is drawn from a number of departments. A channel may be either 'open' - to all within BAA, e.g. via a noticeboard - or 'closed', where the communication is limited to named individuals or roles. BAA communicates with people both inside and outside the organisation and proper systems are set up for both. Different types of communication methods are required for each group or audience. Methods which are suitable for internal users are unlikely to be appropriate for external ones. Memos, for example, are only used internally. * Internal communication is concerned with communication within the organisation for example between people within different departments. * External communication takes place with people outside the organisation. BAA liaise with many people outside the organisation. The main forms of communication BAA employs are as follows: * Written communication * Verbal communication * Electronic communication Internal External Written communication Reports Letters Memorandum Business documents Notice, agenda and minutes Services literature Staff newsletter Advertisements Suggestion boxes Press releases Notice boards Verbal communication Face-to-face ...read more.


They are not used to display vital information which all staff should see as many people may not take the time to read it. Types of information which has been displayed include: � Company information � Job vacancies � Union news � Classified information � Health and safety notices. Suggestion boxes - BAA are keen to involve their employees and increase their sense of belonging in the organisation. One of the ways in which they try to do this is through the introduction of a suggestion box. Employees are encouraged to put forward any ideas which they feel will improve the organisation, increase its efficiency etc. BAA offer a reward for the best ideas. External written communications Letter - the letter is the most commonly used form of external communication. A letter is usually written on the organisation's own letterhead and BAA adopts its own housestyle. There are many reasons as to why BAA send a letter: � Letter of enquiry to a contractor/supplier � Letter of complaint to a contractor/supplier � Letter to shareholders confirming events � Letter to job applicants to confirm interview details � Letter to job applicant to confirm offer of job � Standard letter advertising services. Annual report and accounts - it is a legal requirement for BAA to publish an annual report and accounts for their shareholders. ...read more.


Below is an outline of the main methods of electronic communication used in by BAA. Computer networks - a computer network exists where a number of personal computers (PCs) are linked together using an - internal telephone line. A computer network allows computers to share resources and information so that they can 'talk to one another'. BAA also employ WANS (wide area networks) which people to communicate to each other from distant buildings. Fixed telephone systems - BAA's switchboards are computerised which allows, for example, automatic queuing system. Phone answering machines tape callers messages, which can then be played back from a distance by calling the number and typing in a pre-set code. Fax machine - these are used to transmit and receive copies of documents. The dedicated fax machine within BAA is also currently being replaced by integrated fax/computer facilities. Electronic mail (e-mail) - this is the transfer of text, graphics and other information between computer users. Communication can be one-to-one, or one-to-many. Internet - BAA recently launched its own web site on the internet which allows interested parties to access information on the company, including information on flights. EDI (electronic data interchange) - this is a form of electronic mail which allows BAA to pass orders, invoices and other business transactions directly between company computers. Video conferencing - this allows people from different locations to be linked together by sound and vision so that BAA can hold meetings. BUSINESS COMMUNICATION UNIT 2 1 ...read more.

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