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Bead Bar Systems Development Plan

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Bead Bar Systems Development Plan By Michael P Boyer Axia College of University of Phoenix The Bead Bar is a business that allows its customers to produce their own jewelry using beads and string. Currently Bead Bar is divided into three different branches; studios, franchises, and Bead Bar on Board. The main office oversees the six studios with locations in Long Island, Boston, Washington D.C., New Canaan, CT, and 2 locations in New York City. They are also responsible for the distribution of supplies to the franchises currently located in Los Angeles, Kansas City, Chicago, Seattle, Miami, and any other new franchises, as well as Bead Bar on Board, a movable bead bar intended for use on cruise ships. ...read more.


The network topology that should be used is a star topology. All offices would be connected to the main headquarters and would allow all offices to effectively communicate with each other. It was expressed that data would need to be transferred quickly over the network and this topology would allow for this. All studios will be wireless to keep the clean look of the studio. Miriam has expressed the necessity for all studios and franchises to be connected together so ideas and sales trends could be tracked. The database functions that Bead Bar needs are manage data storage, transform data into information, provide security, allow multi-user access, and to allow programming and query language ability. ...read more.


Employees also present a risk to security and all employees will be required to attend training. They would also be required to sign a form stating that they have received the training and the consequences of violating the training. The new system will allow all studios and franchises to be linked together to share ideas faster and provide customers with a broader range of ideas. The website will allow customers to order supplies to host their own parties at their house. Human resources information will be distributed easier. Financial trends will be able to be tracked. The order process will be sped up because of the automation and orders will be sent faster than by conventional mail or phone. Resources Malaga, Ross A. (2005) Information Systems Technology. Prentice Hall Development Plan P. 1 ...read more.

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