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Benefits and drawbacks - ICT

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Choosing & Describing HW & SW (for Chosen & Alternatives HW & SW) Benefits and Drawbacks for people who use the system. There are several benefits and drawbacks for people who use the system. Firstly I will mention the benefits. Benefits For People Who Use The System:- * The system is easy to use and manage. * It is user-friendly. * It is not time-consuming. * It is more efficient and beneficial for the user (e.g. receptionist, administrator, medical nurse, doctor etc.) Drawbacks For People Who Use The System:- * Staff needs to be trained on how to use the system, however this costs a lot of money. ...read more.


* Stock checks * Stock Ordering * Writing letters * Sending Letters * Writing Messages * Sending Messages * Reading Messages * Advertising * Creating adverts and posters * Accounting and book-keeping * Storing staff details. * Medical Operations. REQUIREMENTS NEEDED FOR TRAINING STAFF:- * User documentation. * A venue needs to be hired to hold training courses. * A tutor * A lot of computers needed for staff to practice on. * Money to hire the venue. COMPARING MY SYSTEM TO A MANUAL ASYSTEM:- My system is more beneficial and efficient than a manual system because it has many more advantages than disadvantages, the benefits overweigh the problems. ...read more.


The manual system will not cost much because you don't have to be trained. BREAKDOWN OF THE SYSTEM:- Input Process Output > Patient details Microsoft Access Patient database BREAKDOWN OF THE SYSTEM:- Input Process Output > QWERTY keyboard. CPU Laser Printer. > Optic Mouse. CRT Monitor. List of Chosen Hardware/ Software List of Alternative Hardware/Software Advantage/Disadvantage of Chosen Hardware Advantage/Disadvantage of Chosen Software Advantage/Disadvantage of Alternative Hardware Advantage/Disadvantage of Alternative Software Functions of Chosen Hardware Functions of Chosen Software Functions of Alternative Hardware Functions of Alternative Software Outcomes of Chosen Hardware Outcomes of Alternative Hardware Compare/Contrast Chosen/Alternative HW/SW Breakdown Diagram Chosen HW Breakdown Diagram Chosen SW Breakdown Diagram Alternative HW Breakdown Diagram Alternative SW Kulsum Patel AO2c ICT Coursework 10H2 30/08/2008 ...read more.

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