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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Document length: 5061 words

Benefits of using my IT system in the Travel Agents.

Extracts from this document...


Evaluation ICT is very beneficial to use because it supports people in a variety of ways e.g. if you are working in a travel agency then you won't need to search through your filling cabinets instead you will just have to create a database using ICT on Microsoft Access. This is advantageous because it is less time consuming. ICT is good when it comes to solving problems because when a new company starts, they would want to advertise. The solution to this is ICT because they will need to use ICT to design leaflets and they can also advertise on the internet. The difference between ICT and other methods is that when you use ICT you are using a computer and by using a computer you can do your things in a more professional manner and it will be less time consuming therefore you can get your things done without worrying and save more time. On the contrary, if you do your things by hand or any other method then it is obvious that it will consume a lot more time and if you make errors you won't realise therefore your work will not look professional. Alternative Method of Completing my Task You can complete your task in variable ways, one of them is: Method Advantages Disadvantages Difference it would make Manual The advantage of you doing your task manually (writing it out by hand) is that you will save a huge amount of money because you are not going to use computers which run through electricity and due to electricity you will have to pay a vast bill. Additionally, some programs on computers have restrictions so it rejects you from doing certain tasks but the advantage of doing my task manually is that there will be no such thing as limits. The disadvantage of doing your task manually is that it is time consuming; therefore your customers could get frustrated. more.


The logo was created successfully. I found it time consuming to search for the tools. It would be easy if there was screenshots or images. Saving First I am going to click on File then I will select save as. After that I will choose the location where I want the file to be saved in and if I want to I will rename the file by clicking on file name. Finally I will click on save. The logo was saved successfully. I found it a bit problematic since this was the first time I saved a file. It would be easier if there were screenshots or images. Printing I am going to click on file then print. After that I would choose the amount of copies I need and I would choose the printer that I want the file to be printed from. Finally I am going to click on print. The logo was printed successfully but the only error was that it printed out in the wrong colour. It would have been easier if there were screenshots or images Additionally I think the user guide needs to show how to use colour when printing. Open Access Click on start then I am going to click on all programs. After that I am going to click on Microsoft office and finally I will click on Microsoft access. Microsoft access opened successfully. The only change should be that it would be easier if there was screenshots or images. Create table I am going to open Microsoft access then I will open a blank database and finally I will start creating my table. The table was created successfully. The only change should be that it would be easier if there was screenshots or images and besides that it doesn't need any changes. Using Formats (in Dates) I am going to open Microsoft access then I am going to open a blank database and after that I will right click on table and click on design view. more.


* If you want to, you can rename your file by going on File Name. * Finally, click on Save. Printing To print the database you will have to print in different sectors. So you have to choose what you want to print. * First, you should click on File and then click on Print. * After that, you should select the amount of Copies you want and then you choose the Printer that you want the file to be printed from. * Finally, click on Print. MICROSOFT WORD Open word * First, you click on the Start Menu. * Then you click on All Programs. * After that, click on Microsoft Office. * Finally you click on Microsoft Word. Create letterhead * First, you should go on Microsoft Word. * Then, you should click on Insert. * After that, you should click on Header and Footer. * Finally, you add the details you want. Create template letter * First you type whatever a letter needs. * Then insert lines/dots where all the personal information goes. Adding details * Choose the exact details you need from the database and then Right click it. * Click on Copy so that it copies the details you have selected. * Open your template letter and then place your mouse where the lines/dots are placed. * Then you should Right Click and click on Paste. Saving * First, click on File and then click on Save As. * Choose the location where you want the file to be saved in. * If you want to rename the file, go on file name and rename it. * Finally you should click on Save. Printing * First, click on File and then click on Print. * After that, you should select the amount of Copies you want and then you choose the Printer that you want the file to be printed from. * Finally, click on Print. Training and new working practices needed = 2 Evaluation Sheets = 3 Documentation-User guide for produced system = 3 Test and evaluation = 2 ?? ?? ?? ?? AO2cd 1/48 more.

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