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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3094

Big M cinema is an existing company that is not connected to the Internet or email, analysis.

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Big M cinemasProject2 Task 1 Carl Howard 1 Analysis Big M cinema is an existing company that is not connected to the Internet or email. At the moment it gets information to customers via post or leaflets. Sending information such as offers by post is a lengthy and not very cost effective process, it takes time for the information to be processed and delivered, it also costs money to send them. To get information sent out via leaflets is also very expensive, it costs money for the leaflets to be produced and also they have to pay people to hand them out. The most inexpensive and effective way for this kind of information to be sent to existing customers is to send emails or addressed letters to customers. For this to be effective the cinema would have to make some kind of membership card, which is individually numbered. The cinema would then be able to build a database containing all that individuals details. The details will be gathered by the person filling in an appropriate questionnaire, to attract customers to fill in this questionnaire there will have to be a prize involved such as two free cinema passes for a month, the prize would be selected at random from a tom bola. The information on a particular individual could then be accessed by entering a search for that individual's membership number. A mail merge letter could then be used to send information quickly to that person via email or if that person did not own a PC, it could be sent by post. Carl Howard 2 The input will be for people to fill in a short questionnaire about themselves and the cinema i.e. favourite genre, how often they go to the cinema in a month, when they have done this, they will get a membership card which will entitle them to get special offers etc... ...read more.


3 Inserting selective scroll down menus into the appropriate fields 4 Inserting appropriate data into the rows 5 Setting up the mail merge letter 6 Testing the database by using queries. 7 Getting 2 members of my class to test the database. 8 Going through the process again to use for user guide 9 Starting to type up the project. 10 Typing up the project 11 Typing up the project 12 Typing up the project This is only a rough guide to how long each aspect of the project took. On the next page there is the final draught of the questionnaire, which will be used by Big M cinemas to collect information about customer Carl Howard 10 Example All you have to do is to fill this short questionnaire to get FREE MEMBERSHIP and to be entered into a raffle to WIN FREE UNLIMITED ENTRY TO THE CINEMA FOR A MONTH!!! Forename: Surname: Title: (Please tick when applicable) Mr Mrs. Ms Miss Address: _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ Tel. No.______________________ How many times a month do you go to the cinema? (Please tick when applicable) This is my first time Hardly ever 1-2 times 3-5 times More than 5 times What is your favourite type of film? (Please tick when applicable) Adventure Art Comedy Drama Horror Period Romance Sci-fi Thriller Other (please state)____________________ Carl Howard 11 Example- I do not have Access so I have done the example using Word. Membership No. Title Forename Surname Address Tel. No./ email address Visits to cinema per month Fav. Type of film 1 Mr. Carl Jones 34 Stansted Rd. Worksop 00000 000000 3-5 Horror 2 Miss Tanya Patak 1 Rotherham Rd. Sheffield 00000 000000 1-2 Drama 3 Ms. Thomas King 2 Lawn Rd. Dneton Retford 00000 000000 This is my first time Art 4 Mr. Jeremy Fields 34 Scorn rd. Tipton Sheffield 00000 000000 Hardly ever Sci-fi 5 Mrs. Sarah Morton 67 Wales Rd. Newark 00000 000000 More than 5 Adventure 6 Ms. Stephen Long 23 dream St. ...read more.


The finished product would have looked a lot more professional, especially the questionnaire. If Big M were to use a system like mine, they would not have to employ as many people as there would only need to be 1 person to use this system instead of the several which would probably have been employed before. That employee's hours would be cut down because things would take less time if done on a computer. The employees would need to be trained to use this system. The training would not take long as the system is very easy to use. If any of the employees are epileptic or mentally challenged then they may not be able to use this system. The employee's will have to have breaks every couple of hours to prevent repetitive stress syndrome in their hands. People's lives have drastically changed since ICT was brought into the work place. Some companies have become very rich because computers can process and produce products letters and complicated number problems quickly and more Carl Howard 17 efficiently than workers efficiently. This means that the company can produce more products quickly and so get more revenue as they do not have to employ as many people. But at the other end of this situation, people are losing their jobs because computers can do their jobs in less time and more efficiently. The Internet has also affected millions of people as it enables anyone to access information 24 hours a day, it enables people to communicate with people who live thousands of miles away. Computers can be used for such trivial things as stock control or a child's homework yet at the same time they are used to produce a 50 ft dinosaur for a Hollywood film or to launch space shuttles to Mars. Computers have done everything but take over the world, yet with A.I. development this will soon be a possibility. It is very hard to imagine a world without ICT, yet only 50 years ago the thought of computers in peoples houses was laughable. ...read more.

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