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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1769

Big M cinema is an existing company that is not connected to the Internet or email. It has asked me to produce a working website to advertise the cinema on the Internet.

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CARL HOWARD 11AC BIG M CINEMAS WEBSITE Analysis Carl Howard 1 Big M cinema is an existing company that is not connected to the Internet or email. It has asked me to produce a working website to advertise the cinema on the Internet. At the moment, they advertise in newspapers, magazines, leaflets and billboards. This is very expensive and so is not very cost effective. The different ways to advertise the cinema are Newspapers- people that read the newspaper can see it, but not everyone reads newspapers. The company has to pay by how much of the page is used up and so cant show all the information that it would like. Magazines- - people that read the magazine can read it, but not everyone reads magazines. The company has to pay by how much of the page is used up and so the company cant show all the information that it would like. Leaflets- most people throw them away without looking at them although, it is cheaper to produce they still have to employ people to hand them out. Billboards- hardly anyone looks at billboards anymore as people's lives get busier every day. The Internet- as more and more people are getting online whether at work or at home, this the most cost effective and the one where you can advertise anything and can be updated regularly. ...read more.


The font I am going to use is Papyrus. I am going to have an orange back ground with blue writing, this may have to change if it does not print properly. For the visual input I will be using clip art and images form the Internet. My logo will be an image from Clipart as shown below For the website, there will be a number of pages that will be accessed either manually scrolling down or by using titled shortcuts to where the user wishes to look. For example there will be a couple of pages on reviews, these can be accessed by clicking on the hyperlink titled reviews at the top of the page. The text will be in text boxes, which makes it easier to rearrange or to change data. The reviews, news and advertisement of films should be updated fortnightly, which enables them to concentrate on newer films in the future. Implementation Carl Howard 7 Hour What has been done 1 Designing the final product and setting it out 2 Deciding on and inserting appropriate text 3 Inserting text into text boxes 4 Inserting text into text boxes 5 Inserting text into text boxes and titling them 6 Inserting relevant pictures, backgrounds, titles 7 Inserting hyperlinks to other text boxes or to other websites 8 Making sure all the links worked and the information appropriate. ...read more.


If any of the employees are epileptic or mentally challenged then they may not be able to use this system. The employee's will have to have breaks every couple of hours to prevent repetitive stress syndrome in their hands. Carl Howard People's lives have drastically changed since ICT was brought into the work place. Some companies have become very rich because computers can process and produce products letters and complicated number problems quickly and more efficiently than workers efficiently. This means that the company can produce more products quickly and so get more revenue, as they do not have to employ as many people. But at the other end of this situation, people are losing their jobs because computers can do their jobs in less time and more efficiently. The Internet has also affected millions of people as it enables anyone to access information 24 hours a day, it enables people to communicate with people who live thousands of miles away. Computers can be used for such trivial things as stock control or a child's homework yet at the same time they are used to produce a 50 ft dinosaur for a Hollywood film or to launch space shuttles to Mars. Computers have done everything but take over the world, yet with A.I. development this will soon be a possibility. It is very hard to imagine a world without ICT, yet only 50 years ago the thought of computers in peoples houses was laughable. ...read more.

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