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Booking System

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ICT Minor Project Booking System Introduction Background Portatools is a small tool shop as well as a hire shop at the back of the building. In Uxbridge selling different kinds of tools, ranging from drills bits to mini digger. It was first established 10years ago celebrating over 10,000 turnover last year. Over the years more and more customers have realised that big companies like HSS the largest tool hire shop nation wide are more expensive the smaller companies, which is how Portatools has capitalised on the customers views. Portatools opens at 8am to 6pm during the duration of the hours Portatools receive over 20 orders a day, the accept these order by phone, fax, e-mail and by coming to the shop. The order is dispatched as soon as the order has been put down via either the van driver or the customer can take it. Statement Of The Problem The user (Mr Russell Patterson, the owner of Portatools) ...read more.


Requirements Of The New System General Objectives As with all projects there are certain objectives I expect my system to be able to meet. > Less paper to use. > Easy to learn the use of the different applications. > Have easy to use help menus if the user gets into a problem. > Improve the way things are done in Portatools. Specific Objectives - Quantitative > The accuracy should be improved dramatically as the computer will be responsible for carrying out all calculations. This is a top priority as early mistakes can lead to others due to one calculation relying on the result of another. > Much time will be saved as the computer will automatically set up the layout and the user will only have to input the required data. > With the use of features in Ms-Excel reports/graphics could be extracted from completed accounts, showing the financial state of a company. ...read more.


As Portatools recently purchased new computer for the hire desk and the office above the shop they all meet these minimum requirements the computers specs are: Top of Form Features - Celeron 2.33 MHz processor - 128Mb SDRAM - 20gb hard drive - DVD-ROM - CD-ReWriter - Intel 810 graphics - Stereo sound and speakers - 56K modem - Windows XP Home Edition & Office 2000 - 15" monitor Specification Processor Type Intel Celeron Processor speed 1000 mhz RAM Memory 128 mb RAM Expandable to 512 mb Hard Disk Capacity 20 Gb Combo Drive CD ROM speed 24 times audio playback DVD Drive speed 8 times audio playback CD Rewriter Graphics type Intel 810 Graphics card memory 11 mb 3D accelerator graphics Graphics port Integrated Sound Card Stereo Speakers Included Modem Expansion Slots Available No of USB connections 2 Operating system Windows XP Home Colour Weight No of Firewire Sockets 0 Viewable Screen Size 13.8 inches Maximum Monitor Resolution 1024x768@75Hz Detachable Speakers Brand EMACHINES Product Type PC and Monitor Only Bottom of Form Top of Form Bottom of Form ...read more.

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