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bookings database

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Project Evaluation I am now going to evaluate my database. Task 1- Add a new guest Performance criteria-quantitative Quantitative performance indicators Have I done it? Output will be on screen Yes Screen Title:- "(Hotel Vegas)" + "(Add a new guest)" Yes Fields to enter data Yes Title (Dr., Mr., Mrs.) (input) Yes First name (input) Yes Surname (input) Yes Telephone number (input) Yes Postcode (input) Yes Address (input) Yes Room type (input) Yes New record (output) Yes Newly generated guest number (output) Yes Desired outcomes (qualitative) 1. Screen easy to read- One of my desired outcomes were to make sure that the Add a New guest form was easy to read. It is colourful but not paining to the eye and also the main features of the form are easy to see-the form is clearly laid out. This is effective for the user so they can quickly add the guest without hassle. There are no ideas for improvement. 2. Easy to navigate to another task when finished- this was also one of my desired outcomes. The command buttons at the bottom of the form have a large font and are distanced from the other details of the form. This is effective for the user as it is very easy to go around the database. ...read more.


Any improvements would be to categorize the rooms in order of price so it would be easier for the user instead of having to remember the cost. 3. Easy to navigate- like all forms, the command buttons at the bottom of the form allow the user to search for both unavailable and available rooms. Also, if the clicking on this form was accidental, the command button 'Return to main menu' is also present so the user can return to the main menu. There are no improvements I would make to this form. Task 4- Make a booking Performance criteria-quantitative Quantitative performance indicators Have I done it? Output will be on screen Yes Screen title is booking a room Yes Arrival date (input) Yes Departure date (input) Yes Type of room (input) Yes Guest number (output) Yes Booking number (output) Yes Desired outcomes (qualitative) 1. Easy to enter data- like all other forms, there are fields which are located next to the field name. This makes it easier so the user can identify what field they are entering the data in. 2. Easy to save data- when you have completed the form, all the user needs to do is to click the 'Confirm booking' command button. This is very effective and easy for the user as it is straightforward. ...read more.


6. Main menu should be centred on the screen- when the main menu opens up; it is centred in the screen and is effective for the user because it is the first thing that the user sees. There are no improvements I would make to the form. Strengths All the characteristics of the form that increase their effectiveness are my strengths. Other strengths of my database are that it is very easy to navigate yourself around the database and that the layout of the forms is very consistent in colour, layout etc. Weaknesses Some of the weaknesses in my database are that the parameter boxes are too small. The font in them is small and it can be paining to the eye of a tired and busy receptionist. Improvements What I would improve in my database is that I would make the parameter boxes bigger and with a larger font. This would be so the receptionists do not get frustrated and linked with health and safety issues such as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). In addition, another improvement I would make is that the important details stand out by making it bold and with a larger font. This would increase the effectiveness of my database because the receptionists will easily see the important details in the form. ?? ?? ?? ?? Osman Hussain Candidate number: 4677 Centre number: 32105 Page number: 1/7 ...read more.

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