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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2987

Brent would benefit from new technologies because they would solve majority of the difficulties that Brent encounters. A speed camera network would solve the problem of road deaths and injuries

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ICT Systems in Everyday Life: Your Local Community REPORT 3(d) ________________________________________ Brent, in north-west London is a place where a lot of robberies occur. 'latest crime statistics reveal that burglaries in London have also slightly reduced (by 2.8%); robberies, unfortunately, have increased (by 6.2%)'. The population of Brent is 267,741and between April 2005- March 2006 the total number of offences committed were 32.8 (per 1000) this is a lot higher than the average for England/Wales which is 25.775 (per 1000). It is also a large multi-culture area with many ethnic groups that make it up. In accordance to the national census in 2001, the Borough of Brent has the country's highest percentage of people born outside of the UK (46.53%) It has a population of 263,464 according to this census. With a total area of 4325 hectares and 60.9 people per hectare, we can see that Brent is a significant borough in London. With 12 libraries, 60 primary schools and 15 secondary schools, Brent has a substantial education service. The facilities in Brent are acceptable, but to make Brent better for the upcoming Wembley Stadium and 2012 Olympics, things will have to be improved. Technology in the borough can provide a solution to Brent's problems. THE NEEDS OF THE LOCAL COMMUNITY________________________________________ The population of Brent is 267,741 and there are many problems in Brent, varying from robberies to lack of activities for the young. The first main problem in so there is a need for more crime prevention and safety in the area more CCTV cameras could reduce crime in the area; more alarms in homes could also help. In my opinion the roads are safe enough and there is no need for more crossings, traffic lights, speed cameras etc. ...read more.


For example, if the Wi-Fi was connection was lost for any reason, connection between ALL computers would be lost and may take some time to regain the link. Internet cafes sell food or snacks on the premises, ranging from drinks to pastries. These items, however, can be very expensive and not always healthy. The prices of using the internet for an hour vary from 50p to �3.00. These prices can be seen as quite expensive for simply checking e-mails. Internet can also be found in Brent's libraries for no fee at all, however, these are not open for long hours, as internet cafes would be. Often these computers have been damaged and internet connections are not always stable. Internet cafes can provide youths with entertainment which could keep them from doing harm to the society. With Brent's high crime being one the highest in the country, internet cafes can be seen as another source for vandalism. Computers and internet technology provide targets for these criminals and can be damaged, when there is no supervision. However, it seems that internet may not keep many young criminals off the streets as it is not a good enough distraction for them. It meets the needs of the society in terms of providing more internet technologies for the borough. But, when it comes to tackling the main issue of youth crime, it seems that putting internet cafes into action would be useless. So the implementation of cyber cafes in the Brent region is clearly not the answer. TECHNOLOGY 3: ATM'S AND ONLINE BANKING ________________________________________ There is currently a shortage of banks in the borough with many of the banks not having proper ATM's in them. ...read more.


services. The Countdowns are also capable of displaying special messages about traffic delays or planned road works. This provides the user more options about the public services and lets them make an informed decision about what form of transport to use. However, these Countdowns can be expensive to set up and put in place. Maintenance is hard to keep up with, as many machines break down very often. Staff is also required twenty-four hours of the day to man the main monitoring station, which also requires a lot of money. As it is a government scheme, money can be deducted from taxes collected. Many people will be willing to have some money deducted to pay for the up-keep of these machines. They provide a valuable asset to the normal worker and can solve the need of timed buses and trains in the Brent area. CONCLUSION ________________________________________ Brent would benefit from new technologies because they would solve majority of the difficulties that Brent encounters. A speed camera network would solve the problem of road deaths and injuries. ATM's, alongside online banking facilities could stop queues in banks and provide easier options for bank users. Countdowns being placed on all train platforms and bus shelters can be of profit to help people plan their journeys en route for work in Brent. Even though internet caf�s would probably not solve youth crime, they would increase the attractiveness of Brent and make it a more technologically advanced place. Brent is a borough created in 1965, yet its component parts are derived from hamlets which began as self-supporting communities in forest clearings, some of which date back as far as the Dark Ages. Since then, the technology has VASTLY improved and now it is the answer to most of Brent's problems. ?? ?? ?? ?? Christopher St.phorose 4200 Report 3(d) 1 ...read more.

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