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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3012

Business Communications.

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Business Communications Within a business the staff has to communication with each other, to get the best results for the company. There are four different types of communication within a business and they are: oral, video, written and graphical. Oral Method Explanation Advantages Disadvantages Telephone A device, that allows you to speak to somebody else. This is usually used to communicate externally. Speaking to the person allows you to hear their reaction to different things. You may not be able hear the other person as clearly. You may also be distracted by something else, which is going on nearby. This could mean you not hearing something important Face to Face Speaking to somebody else in person. This is used for internal use. You can ask questions if you don't understand. It also allows you to go in to more detail as you are talking face to face Can't allows hide what you think about what has been said Meetings Everybody that needs to know something meets in the same place Allows everybody that needs to hear something hear it at the same time. This allows questions to be asked and answered at the time. Some people may not be able to get to the meeting. This may mean their points may not be taken into consideration. Pager of bleeper Quick method of contacting somebody with a message instantly They are easy to use. They are quick to the sent the message and they are relatively cheap. Can only send short messages and you to rely on the other person responding to the message. Presentation Where somebody presents something to other people. This is usually internal but can be external. ...read more.


Email - This would be used to communicate internally or externally. They would use it internally to communicate with employees and they would use it externally to communicate with customers, suppliers and other people. Video Below are a few examples of different types of video communication and when they might be used. Internet video link - This would be used externally to communicate with different companies. This would be used externally and could be used for interviews, meetings and other gatherings where people can't meet up. Video conference - This would be used if a company had a conference and people couldn't get to the venue. This allows them to see the conference even though they are not there. This would be used internally unless the conference was with people from outside the company. Graphical Below are a few examples of different types of graphical communication and when they might be used. Charts/graphs - These would be used to show financial information such as; income, outcome and other financial information that could be shown on a chart/graph. This can informal or formal as the charts/graphs could be shown to people inside the company or people outside of the company. Website - A website is used to give extra information to the public and normally gives the customer the chance to ask questions. This is an informal way of communicating with the public and it is a very popular way for companies not matter on the size. Why Debenhams use Written and Oral Communication Debenhams choose to use different types of communication for different uses. The main types of communication within a business are written and oral. Oral Within Debenhams oral communication is a very popular type of communication for many reasons. ...read more.


The written method of communication is also carried out very well as they use this method very frequently. The most popular means of written communication are email and letter. An email is an appropriate because if a customer as a question to ask, instead of going to one of the stores they can send an email and then they would get their answer within a few days. A letter is another way for the public to ask questions about the company and it is another ways for the company to answer these questions. A letter is a more formal way to answer questions compared to an email which is an informal way. I believe the types of communication they use within this type of communication are the correct types as the business rarely get complaints because they haven't had a reply from the company. The other two main types of communication, which are video and graphical are done to their full potential. These two are not used as frequently compared to written and oral as they are more expensive to use and they are normally are used within businesses. I believe out of all the different types of communication that Debenhams carry out they do them all to their full potential and that means it would be had to improve on them. I believe the only way in which they could improve on is by advertising the different types of communication such as the website. I believe if the company advertised their website then more people would hear about the company which will expand the customer base. This may bring in extra custom as more people will see a different way of contacting the company for information. An example of how the company use the different methods of communication is: when I Stephen Thornton Applied Business Page 1 ...read more.

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