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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 4543

Camelot Restaurant Bookings System - computer system design

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Camelot Restaurant Bookings System Introduction The Camelot restaurant is owned by the Whitbread Company and is located in Chigwell Row, it serves food to many different people around the area. The main source of bookings is via the telephone but also at the booking desk in the restaurant, the booking form requires the following information: * Name of the booking, usually the person who books it surname * Time of the booking, this is the time when the customer wants to sit down for there meal * How many guests on the table, this is how many spaces are required on the table for the guests * Smoking or Non Smoking, this is whether the group will want to smoke at the table, this option is only allowed during the weekdays * A contact number, so that the restaurant can contact the customer if they are late, etc. This is only required if there are more than 6 quests * The date of which the booking is taken The Camelot restaurant has many different staff, who all work on different days of the week. It can become extremely difficult to find out how many of the staff are required to work every day of the week. They have to judge by the amount of booking they see. The staff records their bookings on a sheet that looks like a table with the headings, Time, Number of Customers, Smoking or non-smoking and Telephone. It is normally very untidy and sometimes the bookings are unclear and can be misread by other members of staff. There are different sheets for each different day of the week, so an advanced booking can be taken to up to 16 days in front. When the customers come in for the booking they are crossed off from the booking sheet and shown to their seats. The manager of the Camelot has informed me of the key things that the new booking system must have, include or follow. ...read more.


chef rota worksheet 14 Type "a" for time, Hopkins for name of booking, and 3 guests Should stop the booking going into the table because the time is not correct Implementation I had to make quite a few changes to my system, the most important change was that capture form, I was originally going to use the Data form on the excel sheet but I was unable to create any validation rules on the form. I decide to create my own form on the sheet, this way I would be able to use the Validation checks on the cells that the form was on. The only problem with this is that I had to find a way of taking the data from the new form and sticking it onto the table, I solved this by creating a long macro "TransferDataToList", this Macro is shown under the macro's sub-heading. I also created another sheet called Graph and this had a graph of how busy it is for the week. Sunday (and the all the other days of the week) In cell B3-I wrote the heading Time, B4-Number of Guests, B5-Phone Number and B6-Name, I then created a spinner for the number of Guests in C4 by selecting the Spinner button from the Form toolbar. I created the headings for the table, these were the same as above but in cells B11, C11, D11 and E11, the table runs all the way down to cells B62:E62, in cell B63 'End of Table' is entered. I then created the validation for the sheet (see Validation) I done this by going to Validation in the data menu, after my testing however I found more problems with the system and so I had to create much more implementation. Two other formulas' I created for Validation were in cell B8 and B9, in B8 the formula: "=IF(C4>6,"Phone Number must be entered"," ")" ...read more.


Also a computer can not predict whether they are in a working mood or not so there are flaws with my system but these are flaws that have been with the old system as well. I have already found out that a dyslexic person can work Problems with the new system? There were a few problems with this system and quite a lot of improvements could be made to the system. The first problem was the data capture form itself it had not enough Validation and if I wanted to create the perfect validation checks I would have had to learnt Visual Basic much better. Incorrect bookings would be able to slip through into the table and this could really muck the system up, for example say that a booking for 7 is accidentally entered into the table as 17 then extra staff would be employed and the company would make a loss. Also as I did not do two parts of my specification there are problems, when people arrive at the restaurant on weekdays they may not have a choice to sit in smoking if it is full. Also non-smokers may have to sit in smoking if non-smoking is full, this will not be good for the Camelot's reputation. The part of the specification was that the system would say when the restaurant is overbooked but as I did not do this then guests may have to wait in the bar for a while before they get there table, this again is not good for the restaurants reputation. Overall I would say that my system was a partial success, the next version of this system will be much more improved now that I know were I went wrong. It is much better than the original system and accomplishes 90% of the specification, the other 10% are were most of the flaws were so I did not include them into my system Billy Davis 6MH IT Work Page1 ...read more.

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