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Chapter 1 - The Role Of ICT Information and communications technology means: Input - Using an input device such as a keyboard or barcode reader

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Chapter 1 - The Role Of ICT Information and communications technology means: * Input - Using an input device such as a keyboard or barcode reader * Storage of data - i.e. a hard disk * Output - The processed information * Communicate information - sending information to others by means of the internet Personal qualities required for ICT professionals are as follows: * Written communications skills * Patience and understanding * Good analytical skills * Problem solving abilities * Design skills * Management skills Chapter 2 - ICT in Business & Commerce ICT in banking has many advantages: * ICT enables banks to receive 50,000 calls a day * Using ATM's, cash can be drawn from any cash point machine all over the country * Debit cards ...read more.


* Robots are used in every kind of industry from car manufacture to sorting items on an assembly line. Computer Aided Design (CAD) This is the ability to create designs on screen for thousands of projects which can be evaluated before producing them using CAM. Once the design of the product is completed, the specs. Are input directly to a program that controls and manufacturing of parts. Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) This is the manufacture of thousands of applications such as aeroplanes and car parts. A great advantage of this is flexibility as individual items can be manufactured to a customers exact specifications. Robots also have their advantages in industry: * They have sensors which capture information from the environment * They have a microprosessor to process the information. ...read more.


for the blind * Voice recognition converts speech to printed or display output for the hearing impaired * People with physical abilities can use devices such as touch screens instead of keyboards. Chapter 5 - ICT In Education Computers in school and its advantages: * The use of productivity tools such as word, excel etc. * The use of interactive teaching packages. * Access to the internet and thousands of online databases. * Distance learning facilities for those who are able to attend school or college. Will computers replace teachers ? * Computers enable students to work at their own pace * Computers are endlessly patient * The material is presented in a consistent way - There are not many different styles of teaching like may of the teachers. ...read more.

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