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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 5818

Chessington Motor Centre (CMC) Information Technology System

Extracts from this document...


Project by: Graham Tilley Chessington Community College 2002 Table of Contents ANALYSIS 3 Introduction 3 The current system 3 The current problem 3 Objectives of the new system 3 Data flow diagram of the current system 3 System Boundries 3 Performance of the new system 3 Availability of software and hardware 3 Skill level of users 3 DESIGN 3 Software choice 3 Design of the worksheets 3 Entering of data and validation 3 Macros 3 Security 3 Test Strategy 3 Test Plan 3 Test Data 3 IMPLEMENTATION AND TESTING 3 Overview of System 3 Choice of project 3 Preliminary design choices 3 Commentary on testing 3 EVALUATION 3 USER MANUAL 3 Starting the system 3 Processing a transaction 3 Checking Stock and Prices 3 Exiting the system 3 TECHNICAL MANUAL 3 Changing the default password 3 Changing list of employees 3 Design of Worksheet 3 Macros used in system 3 ANALYSIS Introduction Chessington Motor Centre (CMC) is a small garage specialising in replacing and servicing Vauxhall motorcars. Drivers bring their cars to CMC and have the option of leaving their vehicle while the work is carried out or waiting at the centre, while the mechanics do the necessary work. Work at CMC progresses quite efficiently taking into account the facility only has space for three jobs to be done at once and a further three parking spaces for cars that have been left by owners needing repair. The car owners are then charged according to the parts used and the length of time spent by the mechanics carrying out the repair work. There are three methods of payment accepted by CMC including cash, cheque or most popular - by credit card. Copies of invoices are made allowing one to be kept for the financial records of CMC and another to be taken by the customer for their own records. In the case of credit card, an additional invoice is made as well as the credit card receipt. ...read more.


The cell below should display the correct name. 19 Enter Test Data 4 into Timesheet Sheet should correctly accept data Test Data The data below will be used in testing my system: Test Data 1 Invoice Number: 50 Date: 4th July 2002 Customer Name: Customer One Vehicle Registration Number: M345JWW Vehicle: Corsa Part Codes: cortir x 1, braflu x 1 Test Data 2 Invoice Number: 6352 Date: 26th September 2010 Customer Name: Customer Two Vehicle Registration Number: J523MMR Vehicle: Zafira Part Codes: zafwip x 5, zafhub x 4, zaftir x 4, braflu x 20, antfre x 25 Test Data 3 Invoice Number: 2 Date: 13th January 2003 Customer Name: Customer Three Vehicle Registration Number: A456D55 Vehicle: Astra Part Codes: asttir x 1 Test Data 4 Invoice Number: 50 Customer Name: Customer One Vehicle Registration Number: M345JWW Vehicle: Corsa Date: 4th July 2002 Start Time: 10:15 Finish Time: 10:29 Mechanic ID: cmcmec1 Mechanic Name: Andrew Edwards Type of job: Replacement IMPLEMENTATION AND TESTING Overview of System Sheet 1 - Main Menu This will be the first sheet seen by the user on accessing the system. Buttons link this sheet to the other parts of the system. The sheet will look like this: Sheet 2 - Invoice This sheet shows the user a blank invoice in the same format as the previously used paper ones. A "save" button will save the data, while the "main menu" button will take the user back to the main menu. The "Stock" button will take the user to the stock list if they need to look up a code for a particular part. The sheet will look like this: Sheet 3 - Timesheet This sheet shows the user a blank Timesheet like the Invoices, in the same format as the previously used paper ones. A "save" button will save the data, while the "main menu" button will take the user back to the main menu. ...read more.


* Amend the table accordingly * Re-protect the sheet. (See Changing the default password) Design of Worksheet If for any reason it becomes necessary to edit the formulas or the design of the system, the screenshots below indicate the formulae used and the names of each worksheet. Sheet 1 is called "Main Menu" and contains no formulae Sheet 2 is called "Invoice" and contains the following formulae: Sheet 3 is called "Timesheet" and contains the following formulae: Macros used in system The following Macros have been used in the implementation of the system: Sub auto_open() ' ' auto_open Macro ' Macro recorded 4/18/02 by G TILLEY ' Sheets("Main Menu").Select End Sub Sub exit_system() ' ' exit_system Macro ' Allows user to exit system giving them the option to save any data that has been entered ' ActiveWorkbook.Close ' End Sub Sub invoice() ' ' invoice Macro ' Takes user to a new invoice ready to be completed ' ' Sheets("Invoice").Select End Sub Sub timesheet() ' ' timesheet Macro ' Takes user to a new Timesheet to be completed ' ' Sheets("Timesheet").Select End Sub Sub stock_and_price_list() ' ' stock Macro ' Takes user to a list of stock available for use and sale ' ' Sheets("Stock and Price List").Select End Sub Sub main_menu() ' ' main_menu Macro ' Takes user user to the main menu ' ' Sheets("Main Menu").Select End Sub Sub save_invoice() ' ' save_invoice Macro ' Saves and prints data entered in Invoice ' ' Hide operations from the user Application.ScreenUpdating = False ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.PrintOut Copies:=2, Collate:=True Range("B10").Select Selection.Copy Sheets("Timesheet").Select Range("B6:D6").Select ActiveWindow.ScrollRow = 1 Range("B2").Select ActiveSheet.Paste Sheets("Invoice").Select Application.CutCopyMode = False Selection.ClearContents Range("B13:D13").Select Selection.Copy Sheets("Timesheet").Select ActiveSheet.Paste Sheets("invoice").Select Range("B15").Select Selection.Copy Sheets("Timesheet").Select Range("B8").Select ActiveSheet.Paste Range("B11").Select Selection.ClearContents Range("B13:D13").Select Selection.ClearContents Range("B14").Select Selection.ClearContents Range("B15:C15").Select Selection.ClearContents Range("B18:B22").Select Selection.ClearContents Range("D18:D22").Select Selection.ClearContents ActiveWindow.ScrollRow = 1 MsgBox ("Please complete Timesheet") End Sub Sub save_timesheet() ' ' save_timesheet Macro ' Prints one copy of a the Timesheet ' ' ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.PrintOut Copies:=1, Collate:=True Range("B2").Select Selection.ClearContents Range("B6:D6").Select Selection.ClearContents Range("B7").Select Selection.ClearContents Range("B8:D8").Select Selection.ClearContents Range("B12").Select Selection.ClearContents Range("B13").Select Selection.ClearContents Range("B14").Select Selection.ClearContents Range("B15").Select Selection.ClearContents Range("B23").Select Selection.ClearContents Sheets("Main Menu").Select End Sub ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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