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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 1823

Choice of Software for a game and video rental shop

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Analyse Current Resources Mario's Game and Film Master's Rentals already have a computer with the following specification: * A Pentium III 600 MHz processor * Windows 98 operating system * 32 MB of RAM * A 10Gb hard disk with 4.6Gb of free space * A floppy disk drive and a CD-ROM Drive * It has MS Office 97 Standard. This has Word 97 and Excel 97, but does not have Access * Internet, but requiring a modem Mr Anderson is willing to spend up to �750 on new hardware and software. Choice of Software The database packages that I could use to set up the new system are PinPoint and Access 2000. I have Access 2000, but not Pinpoint, but Mr. Anderson is willing to buy this for me if I decide to use it to make the system. Mr. Anderson does not have these packages on their computer, but they are willing to spend up to �750 on new hardware and software. PinPoint offers the following features: * Data can easily be entered using on-screen questionnaires * Questionnaires can be designed and formatted easily and quickly * The database is built up automatically as the data is input * Queries to search the database can be made and can be saved * A wide variety of graphs and chart can be generated very quickly and easily * Data can be saved in a variety of file formats and used in other applications Access 2000 offers ...read more.


The computers at school and my PC at home all meet the minimum specification and have Windows Access 2000 installed. I am OK for printers because every computer room in school has a laser printer and I have a DeskJet printer at home. This means I have all the resources I need to set up the new system. Input Data will be input about members, items, and loans. This data will be input when: * A new member joins * An existing member's detail changes * A new item is bought * An item is rented * An item is rented * An item is returned * Members ask questions about videos This information will be input using. This information will be input using a keyboard and on-screen data entry forms. Processing Data will be processed when: � New member details need to be saved � Changes to an existing member's detail need to be saved � New item details need to be saved � Changes to an existing item's detail need to be saved � New loan details need to be saved, when an item is rented � New loan details need to be deleted, when an item is returned � Videos matching a member's enquiries must be found � Details of members with overdue items need to be found � Letters to members with overdue items need to be generated � Details of members who are over 40 need to be found � Letters to member ...read more.


* You can find all the items that are overdue * Find all items by Type (DVD, Video, Game) * Find all items by Type and category * Find all items by Type and category and certificate * Find all items by Type and Certificate. * Find out the people over 40. These will have reports made out of them. The Overdue query will have a Mail Merge function, which will allow to type a letter without having to write the address lots of time. These reports should be viewable on-screen, and should have and option to print them. Backup / Security Strategy The computer containing the final system must be backed up on the School Portal and CD every week I would have liked to use a floppy disk but there would not be enough space on it. The CD should be kept away from the computer, in case of theft, fire on flood. On Access there is security that enable one to create a password, and the database may only be opened once you have typed in the password. I will put this function on the system, so that people cannot find out details about other members. Only the employees should be told this password, and it should be changed regularly to stop people from going in to the database, if they know the password. ...read more.

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